Word of the Week – Cough

This new linky which is run by The Reading Residence wants us to sum up the week we’ve just had in one word, which is think is quite fun.

My word for this week is:


As I’ve mentioned already, my four year old twins have been consumed with a cough for the past fortnight but this week it notched up a level. I don’t think I’ve had more than two hours sleep in one go any night this week without one of the boys waking me up coughing and spluttering. It’s been awful and draining for us but especially horrendous for them. It’s a cough that seems to have grown in magnitude at night, during the day it was hardly noticeable at first although it became worse as the week wore on.

At night though it was unbearable. Both boys would start coughing and literally couldn’t stop! We tried everything; high pillows, honey, vapour, but nothing at all worked. Interestingly though (and luckily), even though they share a room they didn’t wake at the same time which is strange really. Sometimes we were able to settle them again but other times they were too distressed and we had to bring them into bed with us, only for them to start coughing in my face!!

The joys 🙂

The boys were off school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week but have been on antibiotics since Thursday evening so it’s now starting to ease off. Thankfully!

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  1. Oh no, just awful. Whenever my kids have coughs, they’re always so much worse at night, though not as bad as your twins have been, by the sounds of it. Glad they’re starting to show improvements now, and maybe next week your word can be ‘sleep’?! Thanks for joining in with #WotW x

  2. Aww hope you all get some sleep soon & the your boys are feeling better soon x

  3. Oh no, that’s awful – hope this week is better xx

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