WIN a Bratz Fierce Fitness Doll

A while ago I attended the re-launch of the brand new look Bratz Dolls.

It was a fun day out and my little girl got to see and play with the new collection of dolls and playsets which are all very cool!

Bratz #FierceFitness lets fans get to know the girls by their fitness styles! They’re kitted out with the perfect outfits, stylish trainers and amazing accessories to make exercising fun!

Bratz Fierce Fitness dolls

Will you get fit with Cloe who loves to get out into the fresh air and hike up huge mountains? She’s got all the kit and looks super cool! Perhaps you prefer a faster pace? If so, maybe you’d rather join Jade who loves to run? She’s got the shorts and the tunes ready- have you? Or maybe relaxing and toning is more your thing? If so, join Yasmin who loves Yoga. She’s even got her own mat!

All of the girls come with a range of accessories including oversized bags to carry all of their kit and their own iconic lip-shaped comb, so your child can brush and do their hair straight away… this is definitely my daughter’s favourite thing to do!

I am giving away one of these dolls to one lucky reader of my blog. It would make a fab Christmas present so enter now via the widget below.


Best of luck.

Mummy Endeavours Bratz Doll Giveaway

Bratz are available now at all good retailers priced at around £16.99. For more information visit and don’t forget to download the free Bratz App.


  1. melanie stirling says

    Jade is my favourite.

  2. Jo m welsh says

    My daughter loves cloe

  3. Lauren Tourle says

    Jade 🙂

  4. Susan Williams says

    Chloe is my favourite. I love her sense of adventure

  5. samantha walker says

    to be honest my daughter would like all 3 of them, we dont really have a favourite

  6. Cloe would be lovely, though my daughter would love any of the three!

  7. Yasmin is my fav

  8. Vicky Kenny says

    Yasmin is my daughters favourite

  9. olivia280177 says

    Jade’s my favourite too!

  10. I like Jade

  11. Cloe, we love walking so I know my daughter would love her x

  12. I like cloe, I think my daughter would like her best too, we are a family who love to hike

  13. Lindsey Stuart says

    Yasmin is my little girls favourite 🙂 Mine too hehe

  14. Kirsty Ward says


  15. Paula Barker says

    Cloe is our favourite

  16. Keith Hunt says

    My sisters child likes Yasmin

  17. amy fidler says


  18. gillian burden says

    chloe is my fave x

  19. We love Yasmin

  20. jemma dwyer says


  21. joanna butler-savage says

    we like Jade best

  22. My fave is Yasmin 🙂

  23. Sarah Spencer says


  24. Jess woods says

    I love cloe 🙂

  25. Leanne Bell says

    I really like Jade x

  26. I like Jade x

  27. I love Cloe!

  28. Ruth Harwood says

    Yasmin is our fave xx

  29. I love Yasmin as she does yoga.My little grand-daughter Millie who’s three practices her yoga every day with her mummy,she’s really very good !

  30. Jade was always a fav

  31. we like cloe in this house. my daughters favourite

  32. Sue Bowden says

    I like jade and so does A x

  33. Tina Holmes says

    My daughter likes Cloe

  34. Jade

  35. laura stewart says

    we like Yasmin

  36. Cloe,

  37. Cloe my daughters fav xx

  38. curtis cleary says


  39. traceyb1981 says


  40. Yasmin x

  41. vicki lumley says

    cloe is my daughters favourite

  42. Jade please

  43. I like Yasmin

  44. iain maciver says

    chloe is one of our fav

  45. Victoria Davison says

    Chloe is my favourite 🙂

  46. Mrs Rachel Heap says


  47. Angela Wilcox says

    Cloe is my favourite but my daughter would love any of them 🙂

  48. Dawn McBride says

    We love Jade here xx

  49. ashleigh allan says


  50. Jade x

  51. Lynn Heath says

    I think our favourite is Yasmin!!!!

  52. Innocent Charmer says

    These are new to me, so we don’t have one but I know Addison would love them x

  53. Theresaparker says

    Jade xxxxx

  54. Jade

  55. Natalie Crossan says

    Yasmin 😀 xx

  56. Jennifer Toal says


  57. Sue McCarthy says

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania. Any of the dolls would be great.

  58. clair brown says

    My Daughter loves them all but said Jade is her favourite

  59. Rachel Butterworth says


  60. Jon Sellers says


  61. elizabeth ferguson says

    jade xx

  62. Yasmin, don’t fancy yoga though

  63. SmileSumoCompetitions says

    My daughters favourite is Cloe as it’s her sisters name..

  64. My daughter Chloe would love the Cloe doll x

  65. Krystina Bowman says

    My daughter loves Cloe as that’s her name too!

  66. Kayleigh Robinson says

    My daughter loves Jade. She loves bratz!

  67. Kaci Soderstrom says

    I love the look of Cloe

  68. Becky Duffy says

    We love Cloe, I’m not allowed to say otherwise 🙂

  69. Yasmin x

  70. caroline walliss says

    We love Jade.x

  71. tracey ryder says

    love Yasmin

  72. Cloe

  73. lauren pilkington says


  74. Jade

  75. Becky Yeomans says

    Jade! 🙂

  76. Jackie ONeill says


  77. Michelle Scampton says

    Cloe is my daughters favourite

  78. I love the Jade doll!

  79. Nicola Biven says

    Yasmin is my daughter’s favourite Bratz Doll

  80. i like jade

  81. Kate Loader says


  82. YOLANDA DAVIS says

    Chloe is my favourite

  83. helen tovell says

    Cloe is our favourite

  84. Jade is our fav

  85. Victoria Cunniff says

    Jade is our favourite

  86. Lynsey Buchanan says

    My daughter loves Yasmin best

  87. Jade, she sends the right message about getting out and about!

  88. Laura Jeffs says


  89. has to be yasmin

  90. Cloe

  91. My little girl loves Chloe

  92. Lorraine Tinsley says

    We like Cloe

  93. Chlo

  94. Maureen findley says


  95. julie perry says

    Chloe is Jorgies fave 🙂

  96. jade would be lovely x

  97. Elizabeth Kozak says


  98. Jade is my favourite

  99. Jade please

  100. Christine Caple says

    Jade is my favourite

  101. Love Yasmin


    Jade is my favourite

  103. Definitely Yasmin 🙂

  104. Alison Joyce says

    Cloe please

  105. We love Yasmin

  106. Diane Carey says


  107. we love cloe

  108. cheryl pearson says



    My daughter and I like Yasmin

  110. Karen Lloyd says

    Yasmin is our favourite.

  111. elaine robinson says

    We love Chloe

  112. Michelle Carlin says

    I like Yasmin – she could teach me some Yoga!

  113. I like Jade best

  114. jade

  115. rebecca roberts says

    We love yasmin..lovley blog to read xxx

  116. Rebecca Austin says

    We like Jade but I feel a collection will start once we have the first one

  117. Phyllis Ellett says

    Jade is the vote here.

  118. Laura Asplin says


  119. Allan Wilson says


  120. Megan Kinsey says

    Yasmin over here 🙂

  121. Its all about jade in our house

  122. My family likes Jasmine!

  123. My family like Yasmin!

  124. ellen sturman says


  125. Greig spencer says

    Chloe is my favourite.

  126. stephen holman says

    Yasmin – my nieces name 🙂

  127. lia jeanette sturman says


  128. Vera Bahounkova says


  129. Jade Please 🙂

  130. We loves Jade we does! 🙂

  131. Katie Walker says

    Yasmin is my fave

  132. Jade is my daughters favourite

  133. Charmian Filewood says

    Yasmin is the favourite here 😀

  134. We like Yasmin best! My daughter loves Bratz!

  135. olivia280177 says

    I love Jade, she’s really pretty!

  136. My little girls says ‘Chloe’ because she has the same name 🙂

  137. Victoria Prince says

    Jade 🙂

  138. Yasmin 🙂

  139. Jade

  140. Jade is our favourite

  141. Karen Dixon says


  142. Sharon Burroughs says

    My daughter loves Cloe

  143. Kerry Locke says

    My daughter likes Cloe

  144. A.E. ADKINS says


  145. Jade has the edge for us

  146. Nancy Bradford says

    I think Jade is my favourite of the three, but they are all awesome x

  147. Caroline Mcgovern says

    Jade is our favourite

  148. Pauline Dring says

    I think my Granddaughter Emily would like Jade best

  149. dianemjackson5 says

    My daughter loves Yasmin

  150. Rachel clennell says

    My daughter would be happy for any, but fave would be Cloe

  151. claire fawkner says

    Just asked my girl …… Chloe x

  152. Claire Ward says


  153. Jade for me

  154. Yasmin x x x x

  155. I like Yasmin

  156. We all love Jde though the entire Bratz range is fabulous.

  157. Jade in my house x

  158. amanda davis says

    Chloe is my daughter Charlie’s fav

  159. Louise bennett says


  160. Asked our daughter and her answer was Jade. Thanks for the chance.

  161. A vote for Chloe here

  162. lorraine Evemy says

    Chloe would be wonderful.Perfect gift for a very special little lady xx

  163. Keshia Esgate says

    Yasmin! So pretty

  164. Yasmin

  165. Susan Smith says


  166. My daughter loves chloe

  167. Barbara Handley says

    My favourite is Yasmin.

  168. Mickie Bull says


  169. My granddaughter loves jade as that is her middle name x

  170. Cloe is our favourite

  171. Jade

  172. Donna Clinton says

    We love Jade

  173. Definitely yoga Yasmin – much more my pace! (@PeanutHog)

  174. Jamie Gallant says


  175. steven beasley says

    Yasmin is my nieces favourite but she loves them all

  176. Cloe if she’s the blonde one on the left hand side? Looks most like us, a family filled with blondes (luckily of course just the hair colour 😉 ) x

  177. Ruth Wollerton says

    Chloe – sassy and cool

  178. Louise Kat Whittaker says


  179. sally brown says

    Chloe is my favourite

  180. has to be Yasmin

  181. Jade is my favourite

  182. Chloe

  183. Ruth Davies says

    My Daughter loves chloe

  184. Karen Howden says

    Jade because I had a dog called Jade

  185. kayleigh cheeseman says

    i liked jade x

  186. I love Jade 😀 i have followed you on twitter but not letting me get the 5 points 🙁 xx

  187. Tammy Tudor says

    It has to be Jade

  188. cathryn webb says

    Jade is our favourite x

  189. samcornford says


  190. kate sabin-burns says


  191. Emma Beckett says

    Yasmin is our fave 🙂

  192. Jane Middleton says


  193. Jason Smith says

    My daughter has Yasmin on her Christmas List!

  194. Yasmin 🙂

  195. Chris Fletcher says

    Got to be Yasmin

  196. Kat Allinson says

    I like Yasmin, although my daughter likes all 3

  197. We love Jade!

  198. My daughters favourite is Jade but she does love them all.

  199. I like Yasmin best!

  200. Chloe is my favourite.

  201. Suzanne Roberts says


  202. sherri Fordham says

    Cloe plz

  203. Cloe is my favourite

  204. Chloe is my daughters favourite x

  205. claire little says

    Chloe 🙂

  206. Chloe is my favourite

  207. Chloe

  208. Cloe is our fave 🙂

  209. Loving Jade!

  210. Shelley Jessup says

    Sophie likes yasmin

  211. we love jade 🙂

  212. Barbara madden says

    Jade is the one

  213. my niece loves Chloe because it’s her name too

  214. Sioni Barnes says

    Jade is my fav

  215. barbara clarke says


  216. Andrew Hindley says

    Jade is our favourite.

  217. Jade is my little girls favourite

  218. Yasmin is our fave 🙂 Dxx

  219. Jade would be nice please

  220. Joanna Sawka says


  221. leonie owen says

    we like Jade

  222. jade xx

  223. Cloe 🙂 @peanutbutter92 x

  224. Chloe

  225. Chloe is my daughter’s fave

  226. Lucy Robinson says


  227. kelly holden says


  228. Jo Glasspool says

    My daughter loves Jade

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