Why taking a blogging break is good for you!

I guess it hasn’t gone unnoticed if you read my blog that I haven’t posted in a while. It wasn’t a conscious decision really, in that I didn’t plan it as such, I just didn’t feel motivated.

So I took a blogging break.

I was so busy leading up to Christmas and had a lot of other things going on. I don’t ever want this blog to be a chore and even though I have so many things I want to say here and many a tale to tell, I want to share them when I have time to properly write and not push any old rubbish out just for the sake of it. Something I think many bloggers end up falling into the trap of doing.

Mummy Endeavours was only ever supposed to be a hobby. Something to stimulate my brain I suppose, and give me a creative outlet when my twins were toddlers. I could never have forseen back then, three and a half years ago, how many opportunities it was going to bring my way and how busy it would make me! Being approached by brands to review products, even holidays and attend amazing events has been absolutely fantastic and for which I am very grateful. I love writing about the wonderful things we have been lucky enough to do, but lately I have felt like I’m not really writing about the things I set out to write about, and was feeling uninspired.

blogging break

Over the Christmas period I just let it all take a back seat. I think I needed the break. To fully switch off.

Has it done my blog any harm? Well, no. My stats have pretty much stayed the same, although any longer (it’s been just over a month) and maybe they would’ve taken a nosedive. In hindsight it’s probably advisable to have a few posts scheduled to go out during a break, which I didn’t do! My inbox is still busy too so….. nothing has been effected or changed at all!

Having time out has given me moments to reflect about what I want out of my blog. When you are constantly thinking about that next post, promoting it like crazy, checking emails every five minutes, there’s never any time to truly reflect or plan properly. You may find that your creative juices stop flowing. Writers block is very common. A blogging break can bring new inspiration and vision.

It’s also enabled me to get stuck into other non blogging related tasks that needed to be done. Stepping away for a longer period (than just for say, the weekend) means you can start some other projects that you’ve wanted to do for a while or simply clear those chores around the house! If you work too as I do, as well as having four children, there’s never enough hours in the day!

A blogging break can help you get organised and do all that admin that has desperately needed doing. Blogging is incredibly time consuming. It’s not just the planning and writing of posts, there’s the promoting, the social media, the reading and commenting of other blogs etc etc….. it can all get a bit much, however much we love it! All those bits and bobs that you know need doing but you can’t get round to can niggle away at you, causing extreme stress or burnout, which is definitely not good for your mental health.

You can spend more time with the family and sit on the sofa all night watching TV without feeling guilty that you’ve GOT to get that post written up!

The combination of getting tons of stuff done and resting/switching off from your blog can have a huge positive impact, creating the time to fully inspire you with lots of new ideas. Then you can come back to your blog feeling refreshed and raring to go.

It’s a WIN WIN!

So, if you’re thinking of taking a blogging break for whatever reason, and let’s face it, there’s a million and one reasons why you might need some time off, then just DO IT!

It’s OK.

If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of leaving your blog completely, there are a few things you can do to tide you over……

Run a competition or two – I had one running and this can help keep those stats up and give you something current to promote (if you’re still using a bit of social media here and there whilst on your break).

Schedule some posts – If you’re not happy with leaving a big space as I did, schedule some posts or revisit some of your older posts and give them an up to date tweak then re-schedule to go out. Or arrange a guest post.

Stay on social media – Not completely necessary of course, but keeping your toes dipped into at least one social media platform will keep you visible. And you may want to keep up to date anyway with your blogging friends. I stayed active primarily on Instagram because it’s the one I really enjoy at the moment and it meant I was still in the loop! I’m also in many groups on FB which I looked at occasionally.

Put the ‘be back soon’ post up – I didn’t do this because taking the break wasn’t planned and it’s tricky, because if people know you’re not going to be posting they won’t drop by and this could affect stats. But if you post frequently and you have nothing scheduled, it might feel better for you if your readers are aware of what is going on, especially if you’re planning a very long break.

The most important thing is not to panic.

Don’t worry that your blog is going to go off the radar and everyone will forget who you are and opportunities will dry up. They won’t. Many successful bloggers take long breaks and it hasn’t affected their popularity/ranking and your readers will understand.

Don’t feel bad about it. Allow yourself this time. Everyone needs a holiday from work don’t they?

Personally, although a little bit scary, I’m glad I’ve had some time away. It’s been difficult knowing what to say in this first post back, but now that I’ve taken the plunge and written this (hopefully helpful) post to break my blogging hiatus, I feel extremely motivated to get back into the swing of things and take my blog in 2017 to where I want it to be!


  1. YES! sometimes you just need some space, from blogging, from cleaning from WHATEVER. You need breaks in order to come back fresh and ready to tackle!

  2. Interesting post! I just started but feel like my to do list just keeps getting longer and longer…. do you have any advice about running a competition?

  3. Definitely agree. It was all getting too much for me too so I’ve now given myself weekends off and I no longer feel guilty about that, and if I’m tired in the week then a night off is great too

  4. this is a great post! I also feel sometimes like I need some blogging vacations but never find the courage to do it lol thanks for sharing your experience and tips! x

  5. Absolutely! Blogging is one of this things that many of us started because of the love of it, so I’d never want it to become a chore. It’s true that you can get so busy ‘doing the do’ with a blog so it’s important to also take time to reflect and have a break as you did. Now you have your first post for 2017 done and a rest, it’ll be nice for you to feel the enthusiasm to write and the desire to say what you have to say on a post! Well done for switching of!

  6. I think I could do with a blogging break and after reading this it doesn’t seem as scary as I thought x

  7. I took a blogging break over Christmas too. It’s great for helping you get priorities straight!

  8. YES! I agree that it’s perfectly ok to have a blogging break every now and then… I actually schedule one so between Christmas Eve and most likely the 2/3 January you won’t hear a peep out of me, including social media!

  9. ChelseaMamma says

    I had a break in the summer when we were away and it was wonderful. I slowed down over xmas but still had things scheduled in

  10. Yes! I think it’s so important to stand back every so often and assess how things are going, reflect and recharge. It’s all too easy for blogging to take over your life. I’m glad your break was restorative and useful.

  11. craftsonsea says

    I had a break over Christmas too – it’s too hard to try and work when the kids are at home!

  12. Sometimes you do need to take a break from blogging too. After all, it is something you put effort into and you can look at it like a second job. I always take a break over the winter holidays when I go away for 3 weeks. It’s refreshing and I charge up with new creative ideas while I’m on the road.

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