Week 8 Photo 2016 – She’s Growing Up

Week 8 of 2016 already and the end if February. Wow this year is flying by!

Apologies for poor photo quality but I wanted to talk about this outfit my daughter is wearing and unfortunately this is the only photo I have of her in it.

She was going to a disco with some friends on Friday and this is the little ensemble we put together for it.

My daughter is 10. She’s not (sadly) into pretty dresses and cute bows in her hair anymore, so finding the perfect party outfit hasn’t been easy. She wanted to dress up, and look a bit more grown up…. she wanted something a bit different to what she would normally wear.

It’s so tricky because I definitely didn’t want her to look TOO grown up. She’s still a child after all. There are a lot of shops now doing clothes for this age (and younger) which are fun but a bit too old, like adult clothes but for kids. Skin tight dresses, high heels etc…… no way jose! We had to find a happy medium.

The over the knee (although one has slightly slipped down in this pic) socks were the starting point…. the over the knee look is very on trend right now so they ticked the right box! Then I spotted the cute little off the shoulder crop top which I knew she would love. She chose the pretty little skirt herself. I think she definitely needed to go pretty and girly with the skirt, otherwise the outfit could’ve been in danger of looking a bit unsuitable. The little lace up plimsolls also dressed down the look to ensure she looked her age! A little necklace and earrings and her hair down completed the look!

I think she looked absolutely gorgeous. But there’s no getting away from the fact that she’s growing up fast now…

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Top and plimsolls from New Look, Skirt from Next, Socks from M & S.


  1. What a beautiful girl she is. They grow up so quickly. She looks like such a lovely girl xx

  2. Oh she looks so grown up, and I hope she enjoyed her Disco. I’m sure it only feels like yesterday that she was into pretty dresses which you bought for her, without any question!
    My daughter went to her first school disco a few weeks ago at the age of 8yo. She too looked so grown up!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Aww I actually look at the really pretty dresses and accessories now with sadness that I can’t buy those anymore! But onto the next chapter which is exciting too… watching her grow and finding her own sense of style etc. She’s still my baby at the moment ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Great photo, my eldest isn’t into dresses and bows she’d rather jeans and a t shirt

    Thank you for linking up

  4. Bless her! My daughter is nearly 10 too and finding age appropriate clothes is definitely a dilemma! It looks like the two of you have nailed it with this outfit.

  5. She is beautiful. They do grow up way too fast…I love her outfit.

  6. She looks great in that outfit, hope she enjoyed the disco.

    My daughter’s 8 so I know what you mean about clothes in the shops. I don’t want her to grow up!

  7. Nice outfit! My 13 year old daughter quickly went from the princess dresses to high heels and skinny jeans but we make sure she doesn’t dress too revealing. It’s a tricky transition for mums of girls – we want them to be individuals and express themselves but not show too much – at least your daughter seems to love her outfit!

  8. She looks great in the outfit and I’d have said she looks much older than 10 years old! As a mum of a little boy, I think I’d be rubbish at dressing girls.

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Ah do you think? She’s tiny though so people always think she’s much younger than her age! She will think it’s great when I tell her someone thought she looked older xx

  9. She looks absolutely beautiful and so very grown up!

  10. She looks so beautiful, it’s always hard to know what to dress tweens in without making them look too old

  11. She looks lovely – and I remember this age with my daughter – trying to meet her need for fashion while sticking with what I thought was age appropriate – such a balance!

  12. I think you’ve got the balance just right, she looks lovely, not too grown up and not too babyish either x

  13. It must be really challenging raising a girl. I think that it is hard to know what is appropriate without looking too old. All children want to grow up too fast!

  14. Aww what a bittersweet moment! #mysundayphoto

  15. She looks so happy, I hope she had a lovely time at the dance!xx

  16. What a beautiful little girl you have. I have friends with daughters (I have a son) and I can imagine how hard it must be finding age-appropriate clothing for them!

  17. She looks gorgeous. I still remember the first outfit I picked for myself and my Mum was really shocked that it looked nice

  18. Oh, so gown up! Time goes far too fast.

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