Week 16 Photo 2016 – Play House

wooden playhouse

This has been happening this week!

When I returned from my Dad’s house last weekend after visiting for a week or so, THIS was in our back garden!

My OH had knocked this up in a couple of days!

To say the kids were ecstatic would be an understatement! They’ve wanted a climbing frame/playhouse for ages and even though they’ve got a plastic playhouse, it’s a bit babyish for them now. We have a trampoline and other garden toys but climbing frames are so expensive for the lovely wooden ones, and usually quite small…. so as my kids are getting a bit older now, it hasn’t seemed worth it.

I am over the moon with this…. I think it’s amazing and I’m very proud of the OH for building it and surprising us (he’s rubbish at keeping surprises usually!). It even has a little balcony on the first floor! It’s not finished…. it’s really just the beginning. The top section will be enclosed and insulated 🙂 Then we will add to it as we go along. Our garden is quite big so we have the room to be as creative as we want. The kids have put in a request for a bridge, climbing wall and a slide!

You can see my little H on the top there, giving you an idea of the scale… and his twin is underneath, just about visible in this shot!

My children absolutely love playing in the garden, they spend most of their time there for at least one half of the year so they will get so much pleasure from this! We’ve already had the neighbours’ kids round to climb on it and I’m sure there’ll be plenty more…. I can’t wait to see how it evolves over the coming months!

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  1. Oh this is awesome, my girls would love this

    Thank you for linking up

  2. Oh wow! How cool! My girls would love this x

  3. wow that is an amazing fort

  4. Wow, your dad is amazing, my boys would looooove something like this!! #mysundayphoto

  5. That looks amazing, the ultimate tree house, what a clever husband you have there #MySundayPhoto

  6. What a fab surprise! You are sure to use that all summer long!

  7. You have a very talented partner. My kids would have loved playing in your garden!

  8. That is awesome! I can only imagine how much fun your kids will have! That is just the most amazing play house ever! #mysundayphoto

  9. That’s fantastic, your OH is really clever. MY kids would absolutely love something like this in the garden.

  10. oh wow that looks amazing! Would love to have something like that in our garden

  11. That’s amazing, he is a keeper! Can you send him round to our new garden when you’re done please?! 😀

  12. shelllouise says

    Wow, all that in a week? That’s amazing! My girls would adore this 🙂

  13. Oh my gosh that is amazing….. I’m not sure about my kids but I’m certainly jealous!!!!

    It’s fab

  14. oh my goodness, that’s superb! How very talented. That looks great xx

  15. Oh my goodness how awesome is that!! No wonder they are happy kids!!

  16. Oh my! I would love that play house too! It’s amazing!

  17. Oh wowsers that is a tree house and a half isn’t it!! How awesome, the kids must have been thrilled with this. We have a playhouse in the garden with a swing and slide and POD loves it 🙂

  18. If only I could fit a playhouse that size in my garden!!

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