Week 14 Photo 2016 – Easter Holidays

I’ve been here at my Dad’s this week. I drove up here on Wednesday, which was a nightmare as there was an accident on the M6 and the huge build up traffic (including us) was shunted off the motorway by the Police! That’s the first time in all the squillions of times I’ve driven up here, I’ve ever been forced off the motorway and it’s a little worrying when you have no clue where you are! Thank goodness for google maps that’s all I can say!

So it’s our first week of the ‘Easter’ holidays…. although Easter seems like a distant memory now, and we’re having a nice relaxing time!

This is how my kids are spending their mornings here in Lancashire. Playing on their devices! I must admit I don’t mind them doing this now because they’ve been on a bit of a tablet ban recently. I decided to hide them for a couple of weeks because I was sick of seeing my children consumed by them. Completely and utterly absorbed and not wanting to do anything else. To be honest, after the initial couple of days without them, the boys didn’t ask for them. I did allow my daughter her iPad at varying intervals so she could keep in touch with her friends etc but the boys can be over obsessive, not even coming up for food (or the toilet) when they’re on theirs. I think it did them the world of good to be without them for a while. It was nice to see them finding other things to do… and just ‘playing’.

But being as we’re here I’ve given them back (for limited periods only) for a treat and I’m allowing them to be immersed!

We’ve been out and about a little around Lancashire though, enjoying the Spring weather that’s trying to present itself. I do absolutely love the countryside here, the huge rolling hills are beautiful and we plan to see more of them next week.

Hope you’ve had a great week and enjoyed the holidays x

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  1. Oh what a great idea, but i must admit I wouldn’t be happy if my mum took my phone, however I don’t use mine all the time, Clio lending a helping hand for Coombe Mill

  2. They look so engrossed…My girls are the same with their tablets. It’s usually a struggle to get them to do anything else.

  3. I think mine could do with having a ban on theirs! It would send me into a panic if I got pushed off the motorway to somewhere I had no clue where I was!

  4. That’s a familiar sight in our house, I too might try a tablet ban

    Thank you for linking up

  5. My son also loves his gadgets and I really need to control it otherwise like your kids, he forgets and not pay attention to things like peeing! #MySundayPhoto

  6. Two screen obsessed children reside here also. They are good as bribes though and sometimes, its worth it for a few minutes of peace. They do look very content in your photo!

  7. Very cute picture! Glad they are having fun – sorry about the bad traffic though, what a nightmare. Although hopefully you’re now enjoying the lovely walks and some sunshine.

  8. Not too bad here with the gadgets but my step Daughter is constantly attached to her phone – even at the dinner table. She is 18 so i cant really hide it from her! Hope you enjoyed the second week x

  9. I wish our holidays had been slightly later – the weather has been so much nicer this week than when I had the boys home! We did have a little too much screen time as it was so soggy outside! Enjpy the rest of your hols x

  10. iPads have been banned since February here an dI have to say I love our tablet free lives right now. x

  11. My daughter is on her phone the whole time, but she is a grown up(19) now so I can’t really do much about it. That being said, I’m probably not a very good role model as I’m on my phone a lot too. 🙂

  12. We have time limits but they like to push the boundaries!

  13. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    My two love their electronics but I’m quite relaxed about screen time at the moment as they do balance it with lots of other things. x x

  14. We are trying really hard to reduce our reliance of technology and tablets at the moment. I really do not want my boys to be on them all the time

  15. im so glad i had my kids before this life on being online existed, there were enough arguments about the one game boy they shared between 4 of them

  16. We have now stopped tablet play during the week and they can go on Fridays if we’re home and at the weekend. I think it’s really helping them see there’s more to just play all the time! I think a good balance is best.

  17. oooh we have started putting down our tablets etc more

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