Week 13 Photo 2016 – BT Tower Views

View from the BT tower london

Last week I was at an event in London at the BT Tower. The event was to talk about a new initiative formed by BT and Unicef to educate children about the dangers of Internet use (more on that in a future post though!)

The BT Tower is one of the most famous London landmarks and I’ve been lucky enough to have been here once before, last year with my children. It was to see the Minions movie, ahead of it being released in the BT Store, which was fantastic in itself, but we were then treated to lunch at the top of the Tower!

The BT Tower isn’t open to the public so it does feel special to have been there now TWICE.

On this day, the view was clear and I obviously took many photo’s, as I did the first time I visited. But I love the above photo best, with the sun shining and the shadow of the BT Tower standing majestically over everything else!

The views are truly beautiful. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. I absolutely LOVE London and I could never tire of looking out over this stunning city.

Also this week, as we say goodbye to the end of March (flown by hasn’t it?), we continued to eat Easter eggs! We seem to have a never ending supply right now and I’m fed up of them! My children were still at school as they went back for the four days after the Easter break so we were over the moon when school finally broke up for two weeks on Friday! Woo-hoo! We celebrated with a trip to the park after school with the childrens’ friends.

We had a visit to my friends house to coo over her adorable baby boy and I took my daughter and her friend to a roller disco. Her friend has stayed over and is currently still here. Think she’s staying again tonight!

Hope you all had a good week x

View from the BT tower london


  1. Great photos, you had such a nice day for it too 🙂 I’ve never been in the BT Tower but it looks like it would be awesome, maybe one day…

  2. I have always wanted to go up the BT Tower – what a view!

  3. Wow, what fantastic views but at the same time makes me glad I live near open space!

  4. Great photos. I bet you had a terrific view. I always feel disappointed when you are at the top of a high building and the visability is awful.

  5. What amazing views, we’d be too scared of the height though! eeeeeek!

  6. The view is meant to be amazing, though I have never been up there x

  7. How amazing. The BT tower sure is one of our iconic buildings. You’re very lucky to have been invited to have a look around.

  8. What a view and as clear a view as you will get over a city.

  9. Well done on getting to the top twice, not so sure I would fancy eating my lunch that high up, but the view is amazing. Great capture with the shadow.
    We were the same, back to school for 4 days after the Easter period and then back off for 2 weeks, ours now go back on Monday

  10. What an amazing view! I’d love to go up the BT Tower, really need to start saying yes to some of these London events LOL x

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