Wednesday Words – Quote#3


I’ve chosen this because as a mummy to twins I’ve heard the same comments over and over again by members of the public. Not that these people know when they say them I’ve heard them trillions of times before of course, and it’s always nice that people want to talk to me about my identical boys.

“Are they twins?”, “Double trouble” and “Two for the price of one” being the most popular.

But I also get the ones that really pee me off and they’re the ones along the lines of “Urgh I’d hate to have twins, how do you cope?” or worse “I’d kill myself if I had twins!”

Would you? How dramatic. And how bloody rude of you to say so. I find these comments insulting to my children who are often right there, listening, and who I love more than anything else in the whole world.

Another one that annoys me (sometimes) is “you’ve got your hands full” because this is often said in a pitiful way.

So the above quote is my response because yes I’ve got my hands full, but you should see how full of love my heart is!

Crazy With Twins


  1. Ah this is lovely 🙂 x

  2. I would love to have had twins. My best friend did though, and I looked after and loved them! My favourite every question was “Oh bless, identical twins? Are they both girls?” (No, we just dressed them both in pink sleepsuits with pink cardies, and pink blankets because we want to confuse everyone…..)

  3. Amen. I would well and truly lose my rag with anyone who said that to me. Someone once said “rather you than me”, which I felt was very rude, so I retorted back with, “yes, I couldn’t agree more, I wouldn’t want your kids either!”. I spent 20 years wishing for twins, before mine came along. My husband and I have a low tolerance for stupid twin questions. When asked “are they twins?” I usually say “no I stole the other one” and my husband says “no triplets… oh shit I must have left one in Tesco!”
    I also had someone once say, “are they BOTH boys?” and I replied with, “What gave it away… the flowery dresses or the pink tights?”.
    I cannot begin to describe the incredible joy and feeling of being blessed, that having twins brings. And the love… there is just so much love.

    Brilliant quote. xx

  4. Hi Carolynne, we met today and look what I’ve done… started a blog!! I now need to actually write something and I’ve stayed up way past my bed time (!!) but anyway… You inspired me today so thank you! x

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Aww I think that’s the loveliest comment I’ve ever had 🙂 thank you! It was lovely to meet you today and wow you didn’t waste any time at all!! Fab!! Just write anything that comes into your head and it will all work itself out and evolve!! Get on twitter… I’m @CaroynneAsh and just shout if you need any help! Good luck xx (ps most bloggers stay up late!)

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