The Ugglys – A Review


We were recently sent one of the Ugglys toys to review, I was very excited about this delivery because it’s my twins birthday soon and I thought it would be perfect to give to them as a present! I opened it very carefully so as to not damage the box and me and my nine year old daughter got down to the very important business of playing…. for the purposes of this review!!! I have since put it back in the box, ready to give to my soon to be 5 yr old twin boys …

And they are going to LOVE IT!!

This toy is brilliant. It has all the credentials that little boys (and girls, but mainly boys) desire!

Noisy, disgusting, funny, silly, cheeky….. Oh yes, it ticks all the boxes!


The Ugglys come in a few varieties  of Dog – We have Rudey the Pug!

Now, I’ve seen these toys advertised on the TV and my kids have pointed them out to me before but I had no idea really what they did.  They are actually puppets. Rubbery, strange little ugly electronic puppets!

They are slightly bigger and heavier than I imagined. They feel very robust even though the rubber is soft, easy to handle and move.

Your new, disgusting adorable little pet even comes with it’s own Uggdoption Certificate so your child can really feel as though he has a new loveable friend to look after for ever and ever…. aww!!!!!! Hehe

ugglys review

The Ugglys are programmed with over 30 gross sounds, it burps, it farts, it’s loud and you can change the ‘pitch’ of the sounds if you want to by turning the collar! As a puppet you can squeeze it’s face into all sorts of funny positions making him pull even uglier faces than he already has! Champion gurner!

My daughter and I spent quite some time messing around with this toy and she thought it was so much fun! I can’t wait to wrap it up and give it to my twins, they have no idea they have one and I’m sure they’ll think it’s amazing and be arguing over it in no time!! Maybe I should go and buy another one, a friend for Rudey, a different breed or colour though. The Pugs come in three different shades, then there is a Dalmatian and St. Bernard also.

This toy is bound to have the kids amused for hours, giggling at all the silly disgustingness!! I’m sure it would go down a treat in any household, as long as it’s out of earshot of the adults of course!

The Ugglies are made my Character and retail are around £29.99. You can also buy them at all major retailers.

I was sent one of the Ugglys for the purpose of an honest review.


  1. They are such funny looking things….They sound a lot of fun x

  2. we tested one of these a few months back and Dj loved it! #TriedTested

  3. I can see EXACTLY why my son wants one of these for Christmas – it makes gross noises lol! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. I can see why they call them Ugglies ha. Strange looking things aren’t they #triedtested

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