Two Down Two To Go

Right well that’s two kids back to school.

Teen started back yesterday, it’s a big year for him…. year 10!!!! Where the hell have these past three years of high school gone? It feels like yesterday that he started in year 7, all young and innocent, how times have changed in such a short period.

This year sees the start of his two year GCSE courses. This means he’s got two years left to pull his finger out and work hard. No pressure! We’ve had a pretty rocky couple of years at high school, things haven’t gone smoothly but I won’t go into that now, I want to write in depth about that at some point in the next few weeks.

He has been moved up to top set triple science which is encouraging, he’s proud of himself for getting there. He is very able but his attitude in the past year towards school has not been good to say the least. He hasn’t worked hard at all but the three sciences are important to him so the fact he has managed to be placed in top set shows the extent of his ability, and with commitment he could potentially achieve great results at GCSE.

Fingers crossed.

My sweet little Girl on the other hand has started back this morning. She is going into year 4 bless her little cotton socks. She’s small for her age and looks much younger than her 8 years, although like my twins she’s a summer baby so one of the youngest in her class.

Her school is lovely. It’s recently just finished a new building due to expansion and her year group will be in this new part of the school which she is very excited about. She has been going on about how lovely the toilets are (??)!!

It’s quite a contrast these two starts. Teen walks to school, he’s very good at waking up, showering and getting himself organised. I don’t really have to worry about him in that respect, only when he can’t find something then I’m pestered continuously!

My Girl is chauffeured to school. I usually have to wake her and push her along in the mornings, if I’m not behind her instructing her on what to do next she will just sit. We have a little nickname for her at home which is ‘one speed’….. she doesn’t rush for ANYONE which is comical but frustrating at times!! She is majorly laid back.

We (the twins and I) walk to her classroom with her and meet up with the other lovely children and their mums and have a catch up. I miss this part of school life where high school concerned, it just doesn’t happen.

So thats it, they are gone. Another school year beginning. Two down, two to go!

My twins are due to start next week.

I am NOT looking forward to THAT at all.


  1. suzanne3childrenandit says

    ‘Back to School’ really does conjure up a mix of emotions doesn’t it? I was looking forward to mine going back if honest, but I’m not looking forward to my newly Year 9 daughter growing up too much! She still seems so innocent but I’m told this year is the tough one….watch this space! Good luck to you for later in the week x

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Ah thanks Suzanne. Each start of a new school year just brings home how fast our babies are growing up! And you’re right year 9 is a tough one… getting into some decent sets ready for year 10 and the all important options!! Hope it all goes well for your daughter xx

  2. Ahh good luck to them all (and you!)

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