This Toothpaste Tastes Funny….

When we were all staying at my dads for a week in the summer holidays I did something rather stupid.

I know I went on in this post about how we don’t travel light when we go visit and how we take everything but the kitchen sink, but there’s certain things I don’t take. Things I know I won’t need because my Dad already has them in his house. For example, I wouldn’t take towels… no need, I wouldn’t take bedding…. no need, or cutlery…. you get the picture.

I also don’t take toothpaste. I take the little ones that the kids use…. my twins have a different one to my girl, she has the older kids one! Ha it’s hilarious how we buy all different toothpastes nowadays, I mean, when I was young we all used the same one and had to make do!

Anyway, I don’t take mine as my Dad (obviously) brushes his teeth and has toothpaste which I always use.


Dad’s toothpaste

However one night I went upstairs to get ready for bed. My three youngest were already tucked up but my Teen was on his laptop in one of the bedrooms skypeing his girlfriend.

I grabbed aforementioned toothpaste, squirted some out onto my brush and put it in my mouth.

YUK YUK YUK!!!!! What is THAT???  Urgh….. IT WAS DISGUSTING!!!!!

What on earth was that nasty taste?! It was like some kind of revolting, foul cleaning product or something…. I spat it out but the taste was vile and I couldn’t get rid of it. Erugh, erugh!!!! My immediate thought was that one of the younger children had washed something with my toothbrush. Maybe they had rubbed it in soap or poured shampoo on it? The little so and so’s I was thinking to myself…. just you wait till the morning….

In my now panicked state my eyes hurriedly scanned the room as if searching for evidence as to what was on my toothbrush….

Then I realised.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!!


I hadn’t put toothpaste on my brush at all. I had picked up my Teen’s bloody hair styling cream and was idiotically brushing my fr**gging teeth with it!!!!!!!!


My Teen, who had now poked his head round the door to see what all the commotion was about, was falling about laughing…. as was his girlfriend who was still on the laptop and could actually SEE ME!!!!!  Yeah, thanks for that love!!

I still couldn’t get rid of the taste, even after brushing my teeth with PROPER toothpaste.

I DID feel pretty stupid in all honesty.

In my defense though, the two bottles look almost identical, see the offending bottle for yourself…

hair cream

Teens hair cream

Anyone could’ve made the same mistake couldn’t they?! I mean… look at them??

I’m not to blame. It was pretty late and I was tired. It wasn’t my fault. But I did make sure the two bottles were kept on different sides on the bathroom after that!! 🙂


Wot So Funee?


  1. Oh, that made me laugh…. sorry! Must have been revolting! The bottles are very similar 🙂 #wotsofunee

  2. I would definitely have made that mistake! But knowing my kids once they’re teens they’ll probably set me up to do it – did you think of that?

  3. Oh yuck! Easy mistake to make by the looks of things though! Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

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