The Snoopy Movie

When I heard they were making The Snoopy and Charlie Brown Movie I knew it was going to be a massive hit!

How could it  not be? We all grew up with Charlie Brown didn’t we? I remember the programmes well, those crazy characters that all kids could relate to, the pencil drawing animation and the heartwarming storylines in each episode!

My children weren’t familiar with the old series’ and haven’t seen any, but they did know who Snoopy was! I’ve no idea how! So when we received an invite to the previews in Leicester Square they were very excited about it!

On arrival we were greeted by Snoopy and Charlie Brown!

snoopy movie

There were photographers and press to record the fun at this special event and inside the cinema there was plenty of entertainment. The foyer was bustling with eager children joining in with activities such as face/hand painting, Christmas stocking making, colouring in as well as lots of novelty treats to eat!

Snoopy movieMy daughter even met a Pussycat Doll.. the lovely Kimberly Wyatt was here to watch and she had her gorgeous baby with her too 🙂

My gorgeous twins posing for photo’s with Charlie Brown and Snoopy just before we headed into the auditorium!

The Movie

This state of the art 3D animated film got a big thumbs up from my kids, they thoroughly enjoyed it. It was amazing to see what the film makers (the team behind Ice Age) have done to bring the visuals bang up to date…. and they were truly stunning. The storyline was a simple one… There’s a new girl in the neighbourhood, a little red haired girl who Charlie Brown immediately has a crush on! He wants to summon up the courage to talk to her but this is Charlie Brown  and of course, things are never easy for him! He is the ultimate underdog! The film takes us on a whirlwind of missed and foiled opportunities as he tries his best to get close to Red Haired Girl (this is the only name we know her by in the film!)…. Will he succeed in the end? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Snoopy meanwhile, is always close by trying to help his beloved best friend but also embarks on his own mission, in his flying machine!

All our favourite characters are there… Lucy, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Linus, Sally and of course the little yellow bird Woodstock… remember all of them? For adults it’s a great trip down memory lane!

The Snoopy and Charlie Brown Movie is a definite must see and will introduce their world to a whole new generation of young fans!

In cinemas from 21st December 2015, previews showing from 17th.

snoopy and charlie Brown Movie

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