The price of a Prom

Teen had his Prom last week.

His was the first high school in our area to hold one, the others followed suit the rest of the week. Each prom had an after party somewhere, usually at one of the kids houses. There were a few after parties for each school, for each of the different friendship groups. The kids in year 11 at all the schools around here know each other and hang out, so many of them went to the after parties for other schools’ proms. I thnk this is hilarious!

So it was a week of partying basically!

Proms didn’t exist when I was at school. We just left and that was it. Oh, maybe there was some shirt signing but nothing more than that. Boring really!

Proms are big business in the UK now. Copying America obviously, a bit like Halloween! But like Halloween, I don’t think Proms are quite as big here as they are over the pond. I’m glad really because from what I’ve seen in films, American high school proms were the stuff of nightmares! A bit over the top and pretentious. With half the kids, the popular ones, having a great time, looking gorgeous, picking dates etc,  and the other half, the nerdy ones, struggling to keep up with it all and getting left out! I’m sure it’s not really like that but that’s the impression I’ve always had!

Getting back to Teens’ prom. Being a boy, there wasn’t much fuss made. He didn’t give it any thought at all until the week before. But the girls in his year I know we’re organising themselves for months in advance. Dresses were being tried on and chosen, how to arrive at prom (as in by flash car, limo… etc) was being decided upon.

Research carried out by My Voucher Codes suggests that going to Prom costs a small fortune.

Teen wanted a tux. We’d bought him a snazzy suit a few months before for his ‘interview week’ at school. But that wasn’t good enough for prom apparently. He HAD to have a tux.

Prom suit tuxHe DID look absolutely gorgeous in it though! 

We decided to hire one. Hiring cost £65. But I’ve heard this is relatively cheap. Other boys paid over £100. This is for one night only remember!

Then there was the transport. Teen and some friends hired an old London red double decker bus for the occasion. The cost for this wasn’t too bad really, being as there were quite a few to chip in! It was around £25 each.

Then there was the ticket for the prom, which was £25. Teens prom was held in a local hotel.

Because Teen was going ‘out’ after prom we gave him another £30.

All in all it cost us around £145. Not cheap for one night out for a 16 yr old kid!

For girls I’m assuming you’d need a bit (lot) more!

Some of the girls I know in teens year had gorgeous dresses that cost hundreds of pounds. Then they had shoes, the fake tan, the nails, the hair and make up……

promThis is Teen with a friend who had really glammed up for the occasion!

Some kids arrived in limos….. and I even heard one child, not for teens prom I hasten to add, but someone we know, arrived at his school prom in a helicopter! Crazy…. I daren’t think about how much that would’ve cost!

Teen had an amazing night though. Definitely one to remember because himself and lots of friends managed to party all night long and I thought… well why not?

You only leave school once!

prom boysTeen and his bunch of suave looking buddies at the hotel, ready for Prom to begin!

Has your child had a Prom? Did you splash out or was it a reasonably priced event? I’d  love to hear your thoughts…..


  1. Lisa Pope says

    It’s our youngest daughter’s prom in June, we managed to get her dress in the sale at Christmas & luckily it was one she had her eye on… was still the £200 mark though, just the shoes & bag to buy & then we’re done!

  2. Our proms were fairly cheap. Used own car and found dresses on sale. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

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