The Joy of Reading

I'm not a bookworm. Never have been. I went through a phase of reading when I was at college. Trashy books like Jackie Collins and Sidney Sheldon! I liked the glitzy Hollywood escapism and reading about those filthy rich, gossipy characters' lives! (They were fab weren't they?! ha) I also used to pick up a book on holiday before I had my son. There weren't THAT many holidays though as I had my eldest quite young and we all know once you have a kid there's no lying on a sunbed reading a good book on holiday. Oh no.... you can forget that!

But fast forward 18 years and 4 kids later, I have started reading again and I am LOVING it!

I'm not sure how I've arrived here, but I think it may be a mixture of my kids being older and the fact that I'd become fed up of picking up my phone constantly throughout the day and scrolling for England, looking at any old rubbish! Scrolling through mind numbing stuff mostly, once I'd caught up with friends and blogging/work related matters! It had started to do my head in, all that screen time!

So when a friend at work who had brought in The Girl on The Train for a colleague to borrow, I asked if I could read it after. It was a hardback book with big, easy to read writing and I enjoyed the act of picking up a physical (not on a Kindle!) book and settling down to read. I found it relaxing and it felt good to be reading properly rather than reading rubbish on my phone!

the girl on the train book

I made time to read. Usually at night but at weekends too with a cup of coffee when the kids were busy. Maybe it helped that this book was a real page turner but I found myself looking forward to settling down with it!

Straight after I'd read The Girl on the Train, which didn't take me long to finish, I started to read The Lovely Bones. My sister in law has given me some books to read and now I'm working my way through them!

the lovely bones book

This was a small book with tiny writing which put me off slightly, but I still thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Unusual story, fascinating, from the perspective of a dead person, but wanted a bit more to happen at the end.

Now I'm reading Gone Girl. I know I know, mega late to the party with this one but looking forward to finding out what all the fuss is about! Someone told me I might be reading it too close to having read The Girl on the Train as they're quite similar..... but we shall see. I've only just started it.

gone girl book

It actually feels alien for me to be enjoying reading. It's something lots of other people do and I've always wanted to be part of that gang because, well, we all know it's supposed to be really good for you! It makes you more intelligent for a start doesn't it? Boosts brain power, helps you to relax etc etc.... I mean, as parents we drum it into our kids all the time!

My eldest has never been into books though, and my daughter will read sometimes, actually she's reading the most she's ever read right now which is great but I do have to suggest it at times. I'm still working on the twins. I would love nothing more than seeing their little heads in a book, being totally engrossed.

Hopefully now that my children are seeing me reading and enjoying books, I'm hoping it will encourage them too!

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  1. I’m a total bookwork and love anything from those Hollywood glitzy easy reads to Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. I’ve read all of the books you’ve highlighted. I can recommend anything by Kate Morton, Angela Jennings, Cesca Major and just finished the latest Sanjida Kay – I think you’d enjoy all of them.

    • Mummy Endeavours says:

      I’ve been really missing out I think! Thanks for the suggestions Mary, I will definitely look at those! x

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