The Girl On The Train

I recently received a fab delivery containing a copy of newly released box office smash The Girl On The Train DVD… along with some of my favourite choccies and a box of popcorn!

Girl on the Train DVD film review

It was a coincidence being asked to review this movie because at the time of receiving the email, I’d just started reading the best selling book by Paula Hawkins, which I’d borrowed from a friend at work. I’d heard it was really good so it was something I’d wanted to read for ages. Then the film came out and I was like Nooooo, I have to read the book first!

Anyway, the book (a psychological thriller) was certainly a page turner and I did manage to finish it in super quick time so I could watch the DVD! I couldn’t wait to find out how the film compared to the book. I’d heard that some people thought the film was actually better, which is unusual as it’s normally the other way round!

So, in case you’ve neither read the book OR watched the film, it’s about a young woman (The Girl) Rachel (Emily Blunt in the film), who has lost her way after her divorce and lives in a bit of a fantasy world. She drinks too much and interferes somewhat with her ex husband Tom (Justin Theroux – pic below with Emily) and his new wife! She finds herself watching the world go by every day on her commute to work and sees the same people in the same houses along the railway lines. It’s some of these lives she unwittingly gets involved in when she sees something from the train one day. The story then takes you on a dark, mysterious journey as Rachel tries to uncover the truth.

The Girls on the train film review Barry Wetcher/Universal

So, my honest opinion having seen the film now, was that I think I watched it too close to reading the book, where every single detail was still etched in my mind. Films can’t cover every single detail so of course, bits are always missed out. If you haven’t read the book or at least not so recently, it would be a million times better!

I think it’s probably a difficult book to portray on the big screen because of the diary style writing and the jumping back and forth between lives and times but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

The book is set in London with the commuters travelling to Euston. This is the route I take to London as I live only 15 minutes away from Euston on the train, and although the other stations are fictional, I could really relate to the Victorian houses and views from the train. In the film, the commute is into New York and the houses are quite substantial so it didn’t quite capture me in the same way!

Emily Blunt is brilliant. I think she captures perfectly the desperate, pathetic character of Rachel. She’s a complex, mixed up character who hasn’t got a clue what she’s doing half the time because she’s always either drunk or hungover! But you find yourself willing her on in the hope that she can either do something right or sort herself out! Emily Blunt definitely carries the film as she is such a huge part of it.

The film definitely draws you in from the start and like the book (even though I knew the end, let’s pretend I didn’t!) you find yourself eager to know what’s going to happen next and where it’s going to take you. There are some great twists and turns in the story which is what makes it so good and the film didn’t lose any of the suspense. The cinematography was instrumental in keeping the tone of the film dark and rather grim at times. I would’ve liked to have seen a bit more from the character of Anna, as I don’t think her nastier traits came across too well and the ending seemed a little rushed but does keep you guessing right up until those final scenes!

I thought the film moved along at a very fast pace. It seemed to have finished as soon as it started, which is obviously a very good sign!

I really enjoyed The Girl on the Train and would highly recommend. I have lots of friends who have seen it and not one said they didn’t enjoy it.

I will certainly be watching it again… that’s if I get the chance because a couple of relatives and work colleagues have all asked if they could borrow my DVD first!

You can buy the DVD and Blu-ray now from all good retailers.


  1. This sounds like my cup of tea though I should read the book first (my husband has and really enjoyed it). The films are never quite as good are they and it always annoys me when they move the location to America when a film set in London can work just as well! x

  2. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    I think I’m in the minority as I didn’t love the book as much as I thought I would but the film looks brilliant from the trailers I’ve seen so I’ll definitely be watching that as I think I’ll enjoy the film more x x

  3. I agree with you. Film and book are both really good, but I was so confused watching the film. (I think I never got over the fact that it was American)! I loved, loved, loved the book – which never bodes well for the film. But I think it’s worth doing both, maybe, as you say, a year or two apart!

  4. wha2wear says

    watching a good movie with Lidnt chocolates is one of my favorite plans! haha I watched The Girl in The Train, and I liked it. I think it reflect the reality of some women who get manipulated by the partner, and I like that x

  5. Lisa@LisaSkeffington says:

    I was really interested to read your review as I watched the film last night! I did read the book on holiday last year and was a bit disappointed to be honest. Reading the book, I found the first half slow but it gathered momentum and I then got interested in the characters. The book jumps between characters and I found it hard to follow fully at first, not so with the film. I did like the film – it was an easy watch! Keeping the location to London would have helped connect more with those who read the book. I agree Emily Blunt was fantastic x

  6. ChelseaMamma says

    I really want to see this, will have to have a look on amazon and see if I can rent it

  7. ChelseaMamma says

    I really want to see this but everyone has advised I read the book first…….what do you think?

  8. I REALLY want to see this, it looks great and I haven’t watched a film in ages! Thank you.

  9. m1ssingsleep says

    I have read the book but really want to watch the film soon, even though I know what happens I want to see how they have handled it on film x

  10. I absolutely loved this book and can’t wait to actually get round to watching the film x

  11. Ooooh, I might have to rent this over the weekend!

  12. Margaret gallagher says

    Ive read the book and loved it -really need to watch the film too

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