Teksta Scorpion – A Review

The twins were very excited to receive the Teksta Scorpion. Such a cool toy they said!

It’s a wireless, interactive robotic toy and once it arrived they absolutely couldn’t wait to open and play with it.

teksta scorpian

It does require 6 batteries though, that we had to rummage round the house for… 4 AA’s and two AAA’s, so if you buy one for a Christmas present, make sure you remember to buy some! O wanted to have a go at putting the batteries in by himself, something he hasn’t done before but so eager was he to get the toy to work he wanted to move fast!

teksta scorpian

I was hoping it would be easy to use. I have a 16 year old and I remember him having the odd robotic toy just like this when he was young that we could never work out how to use properly. The remote controls never made them move the way they were supposed to and in the end, my boy would just get fed up and the robot would get thrown aside in favour of some other toy. Not what I wanted when I paid a small fortune for the things!

Thankfully, the Teksta Scorpion is as easy as pie to use.

teksta scorpian

The ‘remote’ comes in the form of a ‘watch’ type controller that ties around the wrist and once you have it switched on and aligned, the motion sensor allows you to move the Scorpion around with a flick of the wrist! Or you can simply hold it in your hand, which might work better for small children.

The green block it comes with is for the front pincers to ‘grab’, and even though it does pick this up easily, you do have to manually open the pincers first.

It moves around easily on all surfaces with it’s six little legs. One of them did keep coming off ours but it easily popped back on.

My twins absolutely love this and were pretty much fighting over the controller for the first half an hour until they settled down a bit! The good news is though that the Teksta Scorpion comes in two colours, Red, like ours, and also Bronze…. so we might just have to add the bronze one to the boys’ Christmas list because you can play up to 8 of these together all at one, in battle!

How cool is that? Definitely a must have toy for any boy!

The Teksta Scorpion retails at £39.99 and is out now in all good toy retailers.

teksta scorpian

We were sent the product in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own and honest.


  1. My son would love this! Not sure if it’s the same brand but there is also a very similar spider version 🙂

  2. bella smyth says

    wow how fab

  3. Rachel Butler says

    This looks very cool! I think my little man would love this!

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