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Children love making things. Crafting is big business right now and many parents enjoy the whole process of making things from scratch with their children at home; anything from painting and creating or making  play doh or cards/decorations,  and we are often told how beneficial it is for our developing children in terms of honing their fine motor skills and encouraging imagination. Beats sitting them in front of the TV that’s for sure!

But if like me, you’re not majorly into crafting and you lack interest in trying to come up with something amazingly imaginative for your little offspring to make, then buying a ready made kit to put together is a fabulous alternative.

We were sent two Tatty Teddy and His Blue Nosed Friends kits, by John Adams Toys, to try at home.

tatty teddy sew keyrings

Tatty Teddy Sew and Create Soft Felt Keyrings – RRP around £8

Tatty Teddy is cute, I think all children love him and always a big hit in whatever form he arrives, my daughter had a little knitting Tatty Teddy set last Christmas where she could actually KNIT her very own bear!

And this one is similar.

tatty teddy sew and create keyringsThe pack comes with pre-cut felt Tatty Teddies with tiny holes in for easy sewing, and easy to follow instructions

tatty teddy sew and createThe keyrings are very easy and straigforward to make, just sew and stuff with a bit of tissue or cotton wool

My daughter absolutely loved making the keyrings and because they were easy for her to do which she liked, it meant she could get on with it independently and instead of doing the usual running stitch, on one teddy she did the ‘overstitch’ – in an attempt to be a little bit more creative! My 5yr old twins even had a little go…. that’s a bit of their sewing in that last pic!!  I even wanted to have a go  myself they looked so much fun (a bit sad I know!)

Next up to try was the Tatty Teddy Sparkly Jewellery Kits.

tatty teddy sparkley jewellery setTatty Teddy Sparkly Jewellery Kit. RRP around £10

Again, these were relatively easy to do which meant my daughter could make them on her own and wasn’t constantly asking for help. There’s nothing more frustrating for a child than desperately wanting to do something themselves but not being able to, because the product is simply not designed for that age group, or the instructions don’t make sense. We did do this together but sometimes as a parent, we buy toys to entertain our children when they’re bored, something which they can get on with whilst we get on with the many jobs that need doing around the house! And let’s face it, toys that keep the children busy and entertained for a while that don’t involve a screen are quite a rare and a special find in this day and age! These two kits do just that!!

tatty teddy sparkly jewellery kitIn the box was some ribbons, fasteners and lots of beads and again, easy to understand instructions

tatty teddy sparkly jewellery kitWe made some pretty designs

Another reason I like toys like this is they’re great for when your children have friends over. My daughter always wants to do some crafting of one kind of another when friends come round, and it’s lovely to make things like this because then their friends can take home a creation too!

I would definitely recommend these two lovely sets, they’re cheap and cheerful, a recognisable brand in Tatty Teddy and very easy to make. They would make great Christmas presents for any little girl.


Disclaimer: We were sent the two toys in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions our own.




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