Summer Holidays 2015, Half way Through

So it’s nearly mid August and we have done three weeks of the summer holidays. How’s it going for everyone else?

We’re having a lovely time, but we haven’t done THAT much really, to be fair.

We were supposed to go on holiday as soon as the kids broke up but for some unforeseen personal circumstances on the OH’s side of the family, we had to cancel. We were going to re-schedule something later on but realistically we have too much going on at the end of August so its not that practical.

I was initially so very envious of everyone that went on holiday. It seemed as though the whole world and his wife had jetted off somewhere hot, sunny or exotic. My FB and Instagram feeds were filled up of pics by the sea or of a beautiful pool. Urgh. Enough already!

But I’m over it now.

We’ve managed to get to the halfway point of the summer holidays and we’re having a blast right here at home so it’s ok. Really.

We’ve just gone with the flow this year and actually, even though up until the last few days it seemed like we hadn’t done much at all, the kids have been content.

Teen has been hanging out with friends, which is his favourite thing to do so I don’t need to worry about entertaining him any more. He’s more than absorbed in his own life and partying hard to be telling me he’s bored!

My younger kids are all very homely. The three of them get along brilliantly (most of the time) so they all play together and love nothing more than being in the garden, where they will spend hours playing on a warm day. I play with them too sometimes. I try to make an effort to ensure I’m giving them some quality time, even if I don’t feel like it. When we’re at home it’s so easy to become bogged down with chores or get on with other things, but I know my babies are growing up so fast and I want to make sure I’m part of it…… I want to get into their games, even if it’s just sitting with them on the sidelines to observe. It’s incredibly fascinating…. Gives me such an insight into their little world and imaginations.

The children also love chilling, playing with toys they haven’t played with for ages, or they will play with their tech. They all have a tablet each and would happily sit watching You Tube or play  games (usually Minecraft) from dusk till dawn. Of course I limit this. I even don’t allow tablets for long periods, days on end,  which is good for them.

But you get the picture.

My children don’t NEED to go out.

Yes I do take them out and it’s important to visit places of interest or have fun days out, but what I mean is, sometimes I have felt I SHOULD be taking them out because that’s what I think I’m supposed to do!

In the past I’ve taken them out for the sake of it. They haven’t necessarily wanted to go. They’ve been more than happy playing at home but I’ve dragged them out nonetheless. I’ve spent money when I haven’t needed to, on doing things they’re not that bothered about doing!

So this summer I’ve decided to do more of the ordinary.

The first week was spent at home mainly.  I was working two of the days and the others were spent either at the park or in the garden.

We dip-dyed my daughters hair, something we’ve done before at the start of the summer holidays because the dye washes out in about 10 washes, so it’s gone by the time school starts again! Realistically though it fades to nearly gone in about four washes! Her best friend has done it too and they love it, it’s a bit of fun!

dip dye kids

The second week I had some of the kids friends over. We’ve met up with friends from school at various places and my daughter had a sleepover…. One day her friend was here, then she went over to her house. We also had a day out at a local attraction.

summer 2015

In the third week we packed the car up to come and visit my Dad. He lives in Lancashire (not the part where the water was contaminated, luckily!), it’s lovely and it always feels like a holiday whenever we’re here. The kids love it. I love it. My Dad loves it. It’s just a nice place to be and I get a warm, fuzzy, homely feeling whenever I’m here. My Mum sadly passed away seven years ago now, but the house is everything about her, I feel close to her here.

I also feel like a little girl again when I’m around my Dad. Even though he’s getting on a bit (a lot), he likes to look after me while I’m here and ensures I have a ‘rest’ bless him!

We always have a great time here and plan a few days out during our stay to different places.

This time, we had a trip to the beach at Southport. The beach (Ainsdale) was absolutely gorgeous, so much better than I was expecting. The weather was good, slightly breezy but still warm enough for all the kids to have a dip in the sea! This is the stuff that memories are made of… a day out at the good old British seaside!

southport beach

We also visited Heaton Park in Manchester. I liken this place to Hyde Park but on a much smaller scale… it seems to have similar areas! Although Heaton Park has the added fun of donkey rides and a fair ground!

heaton park

We had a trip to Blackpool where we visited the Sandcastle Water Park, our favourite place to go in Blackpool, it’s ace! Full report coming on that soon!

sandcastle water park

We’ve been seeing friends and family and we’re having a great time!

Don’t want to go home…. but we’ve got another few days left here to make the most of, or just chill.

Whatever we do, we’ll be happy 🙂

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  1. I’m currently pregnant with baby number two, so we have been just at home most of the time. Whilst I feel guilty my three year old is very much a trooper and has been entertaining herself mostly! I have to agree, sometimes that’s not a bad thing!


    Kay | xxx

  2. I am loving the dip dye, what a great shade she has chosen x

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      I know! It’s so bright! We went for pink last time which was bright but this is so much brighter! Her friend did blue hehe x

  3. Well done for getting half way through the holidays. It sounds like you have already done some amazing things so don’t beat yourself up thinking you’ve not done too much 😀

  4. We’ve gone with the flow a lot this summer too. That water park looks great, I haven’t been to the Sandcastle before.

  5. Looks like you have had a fantastic start to the holidays. We have spent a lot of time at the beach, on the Isle of Wight but also at home. This week we have been to local places like the pet shop to look at animals and to Toys R Us to play! We are meant to have awful weather this week so I think we will be inside a lot!

  6. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    It sounds like you’ve done quite a lot to be honest with you 😉 We’ve done loads when I sit and think about it with a few more days planned in the next week I think x x

  7. Oh wow it sounds like you have been having an amazing time throughout the summer holidays so far! x

  8. That water park looks amazing! Sounds like you’ve had a great first 3 weeks of the hols. Hope all is ok with your OH family

  9. It sounds like a lovely summer holiday so far, sorry you didn’t get to go away. Love your daughters hair x

  10. im 33 weeks pregnant hand have to say this has been my quietest summer hols due to weather mainly and moving and getting pregnant lol,

  11. We haven’t done half as much as I’d hoped to this summer but they seem happy enough doing crafts and baking, den building etc with the odd farm and zoo trip. We also had a staycation at Alton Towers which was fab! x

  12. Sorry that you couldn’t go on your trip away, but it sounds like you’re having a lovely, relaxing time anyway. i agree with you that it’s important for kids to have time to just be at home.

  13. We havent had a holiday either, tho we did manage a weekend at Camp Bestival. We have had lots of fun and days out, and plenty of time at home. Sadly the past weeks weather has seen us use tablets and games a little more than I would like, but after days and days of rain I am out of ideas!

  14. You’ve had busy holidays! Dyeing my hair in the summer holidays was something I loved doing when I was in school too.

  15. We spent more time at home this holiday particularly in the first week or two as H needed to rest.

  16. karaguppy2015 says

    Sounds like a lovely summer holiday – mine go stir crazy at home but we are lucky that we have so much free stuff to do locally

  17. Love the dip[ dyed hair and we visited the sandcastle for the first time this week and it was a BIG hit

  18. I had holiday envy too but it passed.
    You’ve been really busy.
    I cammed so much in That we got too exhausted and have had a week doing nothing

  19. Looks like you are having a brilliant summer. Need to check out that water park.

  20. What a lovely little diary, I want to do one too, now! Last year we did #40DaysofSummer, where we blogged something different we did every single day. It was hard work, but I love looking back on it now!

  21. I never plan that much over the Summer Holidays and we still end up doing loads. I think it’s so important for kids to spend time at home and de-institutionalise themselves from the school system

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