Silent Sunday – 17/11/13




  1. I’m wondering if that was a sponsored swim with all those officials there?

  2. That’s an interesting photo – where were you?

  3. Cool – you’ve captured that moment just before they all dive!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      No matter how many years I’ve taken my son to competitions, I always feel as though I can’t watch at this very moment lol

  4. feels like a glimpse into another, very busy, world

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      So so full on and busy! Another world I had no idea about till my son became pretty good swimmer!! It can take over you life!!!

  5. Tis one brings back memories for me as I used to swim competitively. Great action shot!

  6. brilliant action shot. How did your son do? x x x

  7. Ohh wow! Great photo x

  8. Good to see such activity. Got to love swimming and all its benefits

  9. ooh you can feel the tension! How did your Son’s team get on?

  10. How exciting, I hope your Son did well.

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