Saturday is Caption Day – 31/08/13


This photo was taken this week in the garden. I’d (stupidly) taken my laptop outside in a bid to try and get some work done whilst still appearing, to my twins, to be ‘playing’ with them. I figured that the simple act of me being outside would be enough lol! Doesn’t really work like that though does it?

Not only that, the sun was so bright I couldn’t see a blummin thing on the laptop anyway, so I gave up.

I played with my twins instead. 🙂

Can you caption the photo?

Linking up with the fab SatCap Linky over at Mamasaurus blog!


Mammasaurus - Saturday is Caption Day!


  1. Right that’s all your new software installed ,honestly Mum I thought you would have know how to do it!

  2. So, you don’t mind if I start my own blog and Facebook and tell it like it REALLY is do you Mum?

  3. Right – where’s that delete button?

  4. Excellent that’s CoolKidEndeavours blog set up, a Dominoes delivery fro 15 ham and pineapple pizzas and a life sized Octonaut sorted….

  5. wonder what happens if i hit this button?

  6. leave me alone i’m working…

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