The Run Up To Halloween

I love Autumn. When it first starts sneaking up on us at some point in September though I despise it, I want it to go away because I desperately want to hold on to Summer for that bit longer…. the thought of cold weather and early, dark evenings aren’t appealing when we’re still in flip flops!!

It’s a little bit like grieving I guess when the summer leaves us, taking with it all those fun, happy memories of long sunny days and watching our children playing in the garden until bedtime.

Autumn is an amazingly pretty season, the transition of Summer to Winter…. the older I get the more I appreciate the month of October and the witnessing of all these wonderful changes of nature. I am blown away by the colours of the leaves on the trees, how diverse they all look, each tree lined in a row a different shade of brown, orange or red to the next. The scattered leaves blowing around the road, collecting in the curb, teasing and reminding us that the cold weather is imminent.

Autumn- Fall colors

Photo Credit: Mirielle Bastiaans

It’s quite exciting too once Autumn gets into full swing. There is so much going on. We look forward to the main events which of course are Halloween, Bonfire Night and then Christmas. But children celebrate other festivals at school like Harvest and religious festivals from different faiths.

My Teens birthday is immediately after Halloween so I’m mainly focused on that this time of year, thinking about and organising his parties have always been at the forefront of my mind round about now. Not so much these days because he’s older and gone are the days of big parties with 30 kids to sort out so Halloween has become a little more prominent.

I don’t remember taking my Teen trick or treating when he was very young. I think Halloween has grown so much as an ‘occasion’ over the past decade and beyond all recognition since I was a child. We didn’t celebrate it at all really, although I do remember ‘bigger kids’ calling round, wearing costumes but it wasn’t much at all. Or maybe that was bonfire night because kids used to knock on the door with an effigy of Guy Faulks and say “penny for the guy?”…. does anyone else remember this? Doesn’t happen now, well not where I live anyway!

I remember Halloween being talked about as a spooky event, my mum used to say it was about ghosts and gouls and witches being burned to death. I didn’t question that but I remember being slightly creeped out on Halloween night!

Halloween is massive nowadays. It’s a big deal to kids, they want to go the whole hog – costumes, make up, parties, decorations and trick or treating!

This year we have been invited to a couple of Halloween parties – we had to turn down two invites…. unbelievable really, seems like everyone wants to host a Halloween party these days. My Teen organises his own trick or treating so I will leave him to it, he will meet up with mates and cause havoc somewhere I expect. My twins are too small to worry so my main concern will be my Girl.

We have decided to kick things off with a party early in the day at her best friends house, her younger siblings are the same age as my twins so all my children will have lots of fun. My girl is then invited to another party, a friend from school, who has hired a hall. From there she is going to another friends to trick or treat!! Should be fab, she’s going to have a great day and night! I have a costume on order for her – a Morphsuit… you know those all over lycra things, it’s a skeleton! Don’t ask. (hope it arrives in time).

I have to say I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my twins will want to get into the spirit of it this year (pardon the pun!!) because last year it was a complete waste of time.

Last year I took my twins out to let them pick a Halloween costume, which they did; cute little dracula ones. But on the day they refused to put them on. They were actually SCARED of them!! They were scared of their own costumes that THEY picked!! We were supposed to go to a party but I had to leave them at home with OH and go on my own with my girl! They made me wash my own skeleton make up off (which looked fab I have to say so I wasn’t pleased about that). They were terrified of the pumpkin once it was carved and I had to put a stop to anyone calling round trick or treating!!! Not fun.

They were only three years old then though, bless them, this year they seem to be looking forward to it. I hope so…

We will have to wait and see come Thursday.


  1. i love the autumn picture, i do love this season** Im not too hott on halloween as yet, i always dreaded the occassion as a child as i was so scared of the dark & the moster costumes just fuelled my nightmares hehe. But if studley sees a costume he wants tommorow I think we will give trick or treating around to the family a go :):) xx

  2. I totally agree Halloween has changed so much, it’s celebrated almost to the levels in America these days. I’m not complaining i love it!
    I hope your twins play ball this year that must have been a bit frustrating, i have outfits for my boys and am not sure the 3 year old will wear his or not but i have the power of a bit bowl of trick or treating sweets 🙂 anyway the 8 month old will wear his at least!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Yes it was so annoying last year. I really wanted them to join in and have fun. We shall see on Thursday. I have a feeling they may not go with it once they see everyone else… Should be just little ones so might be ok!! Hope you have fun xx

  3. so sweet! We are taking my two trick-or-treating for the first time this year (weather permitting) but we’ll see how it goes. I think L will get a little frightened of the bigger childrens costume! I grew up in the USA so am used to Halloween being a big deal-at least it is something fun between summer and Christmas! #PoCoLo

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Hi yes it’s an exciting time. Hope this mild weather holds out…. The USA celebrate Halloween in a big way don’t they?

  4. I hope that the girls have a great halloween and get into the spirit (no pun intended) of things, it would be lovely to see a photo of them all dressed up. Thanks for linking up and sharing your thoughts with Country Kids.

  5. I remember back in the 70’s the American children on camp going trick or treating, we British families did not join in with it.
    I do remember doing penny for the guy though, me and my older brother and sister ( we would have been 8,9 and 10 at the time, yes we were all born close) standing in Colindale Train station with our guy and getting what seemed to us an awful lot of money,
    Hope the wee ones are not scared this year and enjoy their Halloween.

  6. amazing photo’s lovely orange colours x

  7. I have always loved this month right up to Fireworks night. When I was a child everyone lit a bonfire too. I am a big Halloween fan and am hosting a ‘virtual’ Halloween party to rival Heidi Klum this year. All proceeds to the British Heart Foundation. Enjoy your halloween party.

  8. I love Autumn – I just wish the evenings didn’t get dark so early. Thanks for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

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