Pudsey The Movie – A Premiere

In case you weren’t already aware, Pudsey the dog… remember him? That gorgeous little talented dog that won Britains Got Talent a few years back? The one that Simon Cowell fell in love with and subsequently took under his wing? Yes, that one, well he’s made a movie!!!!

And it opened in cinemas nationwide yesterday, 18th July.

We were very lucky to be invited to the Premiere in Leicester Square last Sunday and my children had been looking forward to it all week (as had I), we couldn’t wait. It was so exciting, I mean, seeing celebrities, being on the red carpet and soaking up the atmosphere… it’s not something you do every day!

pudsey the movie

In Leicester Square.. the home of movie premieres, the paparazzi were poised ready for us the stars to arrive and we made the most of photo opportunities! Of course, the only ‘star’ my kids wanted to see was Pudsey himself!

pudsey movie premiere

My daughter spotted these two very talented young ladies – Opera singers Lucy Kay,  (this years Britains Got Talent runner up) and Charlotte Jaconelli (of Jonathan and Charlotte, also BGT runner up!) They very kindly posed for this photo!


Once inside the cinema we were also treated to a pre-film party, whereby we ate Pudsey related party food and all sorts of entertainment was laid on.. then when we had taken our seats in the auditorium, Pudey and trainer Ashleigh (who looked stunning) came in to introduce the film and say a few words about their amazing story! Ok, well Ashleigh spoke, Pudsey barked!

The film has been billed as “A heart-warming, quintessentially British adventure for all the family”. And that’s exactly how I would describe it too.

The first thing I noticed as soon as the film started was that Ashleigh wasn’t in it! Not surprising considering she’s not an actress, but I hadn’t given it a thought beforehand! Instead, Pudsey in the film is a stray London dog who finds love in the form of a family who are moving to the countryside! Que lots of fun and capers and lots of London landmarks and British countryside! It’s sure to appeal to cinema goers overseas! Pudsey is actually filmed in Hertfordshire where I live.. I recognised lots of familiar places which made it very exciting for us!

My children LOVED the film and Pudsey was amazing in it! It really is a feel good film, it’s simple but entertaining, all my children were mesmerised from start to finish.

I would recommend everyone go and see it, especially if you have children.. they will absolutely LOVE it! And if you haven’t, it’s still worth seeing.. there are some laugh out loud moments and the odd tear jerking moment too. There’s something for everyone.

I would definitely go and see it again.


  1. Hi Carolynne, Thanks so much for your review of the film and story of your trip! It’s heartening to read an account of a real family going to see the film and having a great time. Some kind of balance against the stream of grumpy old men who seem to be willing it to fail. I don’t know if it’s jealousy, self loathing, laziness or just mean spirit but most of the broadsheet film reviewers have certainly brought out the venom! Thankfully, whenever the review comes from a family, or just someone who takes children along, we are getting positive responses 🙂 best, Simon Woodgate x

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Ah thanks Simon, we loved the film, my children are still talking about it a week later and want to see it again! Roll on the merchandise because we’ll be buying it 🙂 I shall spread the word! I’m sure the film will be a big hit x

  2. Thanks for the review, I’ve been trying to decide which films to take the kids to see this summer and because this isn’t a ‘known’ character for them I wasn’t sure – but it sounds like they’d enjoy it so it’s on our list now.

    The premiere sounds amazing – how exciting! I’m wondering now which places in Hertforshire you recognised too – having grown up there perhaps we will see some familiar sights as well 🙂

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      It’s definitely worth seeing, it’s a cute film! It depends where you grew up, it’s filmed literally around here that’s why I recognised it x

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