Project 365 Weeks 19 and 20 – 2015

A two weeker from me today. I don’t really like writing up two weeks at once as the first week always seems so long ago!

So going back to week 19. This was a busy week for my older two children.

It was Teen’s last ever official week at school, which is a very big deal.

My baby has left school! It’s beyond crazy. Feels like yesterday that I took him to school on his very first day, aged 4. And now here we are at the last.

On the Friday he went on study leave and will no longer be going into school as an ordinary student. He will go in for his exams only from now on, although he can choose to go in for revision classes if he wishes. He’s hoping to stay on at sixth form so it doesn’t quite feel like the end but officially…. it is. The end of an era. It’s been emotional.

But the week for him was all about revision.

My daughter was revising too! For a mock exam, the 11+. She was practising her work all week bless her – she’s not even 10 yet and the exam is in September. In fact, none of the kids will be 11 by then so it seems a bit unfair. But anyway, this is the price we pay for living in an area with highly competitive and selective schools.

On to the photo’s then…..

Week 19

project 365Day 124 – Sunday 3rd May – We went to another Kids A.M showing at our local Vue Cinema. This time to see Big Hero 6. And oh my goodness what a brilliant film. I didn’t know much about it beforehand and didn’t bother going when it first came out but I kept hearing great things about it. And rightly so… it’s absolutely a fantastic film.

Day 125 – It was a bank holiday and we didn’t do much. We did however nip to the shops to buy my daughter some trainers, and we came back with these too. Tsum Tsum’s by Disney. Apparently the new craze – so my daughter told me. She’s been watching video’s all about them on YouTube… of course! 😉

Day 126 – Teen and all his Year 11 fellow pupil received their Leavers Hoodie today. They had a choice of colours and Teen went for black. It’s actually very lovely and a nice keepsake.

Day 127 – The twins were showing me their teeth. But do you think I could get a  capture of them both with their mouths open at the same time? Nope! My daughter was checking them out to confirm that they have exactly the same teeth, which they do – being identical twins. Their teeth are all the exact same shape, size and position. It’s very weird – but cute!

Day 128 – We voted. That’s all I’m saying on the subject!

Day 129 – Daughter’s 11+ Verbal Reasoning practicing books. Getting ready for her mock tomorrow. This vocabulary book on the right is excellent by the way!

Day 130 – Took my little girl to do her first 11+ mock test. She was a little nervous but the test is run by Mums at our school, and is held at our school, so it wasn’t too bad. And she did quite well, considering it was her first go. I took her into town afterwards for a bit of retail therapy and a stop off in Costa. She usually has hot milk with chocolate sprinkled on top!

Week 20 and the start of Teen’s GCSE’s. The time I’ve been dreading for at least a year or so. But they are going well he said so I’ve started to relax a little. He’s revising and trying his best, that’s all I ask.

My Girl went on her school trip, as I wrote about last week. She came back and enjoyed it she said, but couldn’t wait to see me. She cried when she got off the coach, buried her head into me and gave me the biggest squeeze so tight and wouldn’t let go. I think she enjoyed the activities and had fun, but she wasn’t overly impressed with the place where they stayed, said it was creepy! She was glad to be home 🙂

 Week 20

project 365Day 131 – Sunday 10th May – My twins swinging on the scaffolding at home! This shot is weird – they look kinda strange just hanging there!

Day 132 – My daughter at school, ready to go on her very first school trip away.

Day 133 – Teen got a new haircut! He’s gone from bouffant to shaved! This is the new ‘Buzz Cut’ which is all the rage this summer. Apparently! I think it looks ok to be honest. Very different, but I like it.

Day 134 – My daughter got back from her trip and ran to me as fast as she could!

Day 135 – Went to the pet shop to buy some food for our rabbit. The kids always love looking at the pets. These are chinchillas.

Day 136 – Had my nails done again!

Day 137 – Went for a run with Teen! He thought it would be hilarious to take a cheeky selfie (of sorts) and show my lack of speed, lagging behind him, struggling. The cheeky devil! In my defense though, we routed through the field and the ground was a bit bumpy!

Hope everyone had a good couple of weeks!


  1. I can completely relate to the end of an era when they finish school for their exams! My son is on study leave too, and I was more emotional about it than I thought I would be! x

  2. Gosh, so much has been going on! Glad the trip went well – can’t believe you have one leaving school!! And we loved Big Hero 6 too 🙂

  3. Wow you’ve crammed a lot in!

    Must be such a weird feeling having your child finish school, I’m trying not to thing that far ahead!

  4. my daughter hates going on th school coach i dont know why as she is fine on others but i think its just too much for her, my others love there trips though they go on so many now

  5. Polling day feels like it was so long ago already but it really wasn’t.

  6. wow what a busy time you guys have had! .. i so love this nails 🙂

  7. I had that same feeling last year when my daughter did her GCSEs – and now it’s even worse because we’re looking at Universities for her to go to!

  8. It must feel so odd to have a school leaver in your midst! I can not yet imagine that although it is only 6 years away!

  9. I love looking at the animals in pet shops too, I have to ensure someone is with me or I start buying things x

  10. What a lovely couple of weeks it looks like you have had, I think it is such a nice idea to be able to keep a record of the year. x

  11. I love that photo of your teen with you running behind! How nice to go running together, I love that.

  12. Sounds like a busy fortnight! It’s crazy that ten year olds have to revise for exams, they’re so little! x

  13. Sounds like you’ve been busy! Your nails look great 🙂 xx

  14. I have just done a two weeker and you are right – it does seem so long ago! My teen is trying to persuade me to go climbing

  15. You’re doing well to keep going. I think it was when I was faced with a 2 week post that I gave up. You’ve had a busy fortnight

  16. Only another year to go before my oldest is doing his exams. Time flies far too fast. Good luck to him 🙂 xx

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