Project 365 Week 7 – 2015

Continuing with Project 365, a photo a day for a whole year!

My car was finally up and running again, after the MOT fail last week….. how stressful to be without a car, even though it was only for a day or two! This was the last week at school before the half term, thank goodness. I always look forward to the holidays, I think we need the rest. The kids get tired and it’s nice for them to be at home, especially when it’s freezing cold. So this week I was counting down the days. Weather was rubbish all week and nothing exciting to report really!

Day 39, Sunday 8th February – Spent the day at Nanny’s house. I caught H giving her dog some Pringles, ha!

Day 40 – Popped round to my sister in laws after school so we could have a cuddle with her baby! He’s such a cuddly cutie pie 🙂

Day 41 – A party after school at our local play area. A friend of the twins. They had a great time!

Day 42 – A blurred photo, chose this one on purpose as it’s of school. My daughter’s class performed their sharing assembly. Each class usually does this once or twice a year and it’s to show parents what they’ve been learning. It’s also a good way to get them to participate, do some reading out loud and perform some roles!

Day 43 – I’ve been buying a fair few of these packs recently, to hopefully help Teen with his GCSE revision!

Day 44 – We’ve had a fire burning in the garden once or twice this week. The OH is trying to get rid of some old wood that’s come off our old roof. He took the kids out there on Friday after school to toast some marshmallows on the fire, which they enjoyed, and the results were very yummy indeed 🙂

Day 45 – Valentines day. Treated the loves of my life, all my children to some chocolates. My little boys loved their heart lollipops!

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