Project 365 Week 6 – 2015

Week 6 and into February… maybe only a few more weeks until we see signs of Spring?

More drama this week in the shape of car trouble. I had to tax my car but of course I left it till the very last minute, right at the end of the month, only to realise my MOT had run out! Yikes, so a quick visit to the garage on Monday was organised, only to end up with an MOT FAIL! Frantically booked it in to have said failures rectified, dropped the car off then, hours later, the garage rang and proceeded to inform me that they shouldn’t have booked it in because they needed to order parts! Which no one had done. Great. Idiots!

This week also saw Teen having ‘Mock Interview Week’ at school. He’s in year 11 and taking his GCSE’s this summer. The interviews were to teach the kids the skill of CV writing and learning how to impress in an interview. They all had to dress appropriately, which meant Teen wanted a new swanky suit to wear, which I bought for him. All the photo’s from the week are fab, Teen and his friends all looked lovely and so grown up!

Day 32 Sunday 1st February – My Girl doing maths practice.

Day 33 – Teen in his new suit.  His interview was with an Architect, a profession Teen wants to go into, so it was a great opportunity for him. He came away from the interview feeling inspired, which was wonderful!

Day 34 – I attended the NEXT Press Day for Spring Summer 2015. Lots of lovely pieces, I particularly liked this cute little girls dress.

Day 35 – Didn’t really take any pics today apart from this. It’s a unicorn made from play doh!

Day 36 – It was cultural celebration day at my daughter’s school (Juniors) and her friends mum had made these Welsh cakes. She gave us a box and we devoured them. Were very yummy. Just a few left here!

Day 37 – Having attended a special preview of new movie Shaun The Sheep a few weeks ago, the lovely PR sent us over a few goodies to celebrate the release of the film into cinemas. This little Shaun soft toy went down a treat with my children!

Day 38 – Bath time fun with this blue paint Crazy Soap!


Hope you all had a good week.
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  1. Love the crazy paint soap! Teen looks very smart in his suit-very grown up. We love Shawn the Sheep and are looking forward to seeing the film ourselves. #Project365

  2. Pity we missed each other at the Next event. Shaun the Sheep looks lovely.
    Wow – architecture. What a fantastic profession.

  3. Sounds like you had a busy week! It’s always nice to see your children get enthusiastic about something isn’t it? I hope your Teen had a great interview day. 🙂

  4. omg i totally emphasise on the car trouble they cost so much , my daughters currently reviewing for her sats , maths is actually harder than it used to be as i remember x

  5. What lovely photos! The Crazy soap is such fun isn’t it! x

  6. I have to sort two MOT’s. I hope they both blooming pass them! He looks so grown up in that suit

  7. What a super handsome teen you have!! and i totally agree that dress is stunning!

  8. What a busy week – great to hear that your son got on well with his interviewing skills – my daughter will be doing it next year and she is already worried! x

  9. Aw your son looks so lovely all dressed up in his suit. I think it’s so important they get to properly experience a little bit of the real worls, it really helps to get them thinking seriously about the future. Good for him for making such an effort.

  10. cherishedbyme says

    Sounds like a busy week, your son looks very smart in his suit. I hope the interview went well, my daughter is doing her GCSE’s this summer too…so much pressure for them.

  11. What a start to the week, poor you. I remember my eldest doing the mock interview thing and looking so grown up. xx

  12. Gosh I remember them days of taking GCSES was a long time ago for me.

  13. What great pictures! I am so pleased that Teen had a good week x

  14. Love the last photo, really made me smile! And your teen looks so grown up 🙂

  15. Wow Teen looks so grown up in his suit!

  16. Love that they give them mock interviews – and he looks so smart and grown up! Hope the car is all sorted now! Loving the blue faces at the end too.

  17. StephsTwoGirls says

    Mmmmm welsh cakes…. think I must try making some of those myself!

  18. A lovely round up of your week. My eldest is yr 10 and doing GCSE I like the idea of mock interviews too.

  19. Looks like a busy week. I remember my own experiences of interviews and suit wearing to school and feeling all grown up. Brings back memories.

  20. Your son looks very smart in his suit – love the dress from Next too

  21. Lovely pics and glad the interview went well for teen, that’s what my fil does and loves it

  22. I can’t begin to imagine how proud you must feel to see your son all grown-up! Hope the car got sorted.

  23. I forgot to tax the bike. Finally did it after a month but I suspect a naughty letter and most likely a “plea” for more money 🙁

  24. Your son looks lovely – I can’t wait [but I can] until my boys are able to look so smart!

  25. What a nightmare re your car, hope it’s all sorted now. Your son looks very smart and lovely to hear he has been inspired. Rather jealous of the NEXT press trip!

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