Project 365 Week 16 & 17 – 2015

Well, I didn’t get round to posting in Project 365 last week so it’s a two weeker today fro me, which includes the last week of the Easter holidays and the first week back at school – Boo!

I haven’t posted anything at all this week on my blog. I’ve got a few issues going on at home right now so trying to focus on writing a post has been difficult.

But I don’t want to stop writing up my weekly posts for Project 365 so I’m determined to get this one done today today!

Here’s what we did the last week of the Easter holidays.

Week 16

Day 102 – Sunday 12th April – Last day at my Dad’s. Spent the day with him, in fact we went to the park and this is a pic of my daughter devouring an Oreo Ice cream! Drove home and the traffic was horrendous. Didn’t walk through the door until 11pm – completely exhausted!

Day 103 – Monday, and into the second week of the Easter holidays. We had a day at home to relax and recover from yesterday! One of the twins brought in these tiny flowers from the garden for me. Bless.

Day 104 – I went to have a pedicure… it IS that time of year after all! My daughter came with me and I said she could have her nails painted at the same time. She loved it and they looked ever so pretty.

Day 105 – This was the day that it was HOT! We spent the day at my friends house where the kids played in the pool!

Day 106 – Our rabbit 🙂

Day 107 – We’ve had a robin’s nest in our back garden for a while now and recently they had babies! This is one that my daughter held as it was out of the nest and fluttering around! She was over the moon.

Day 108 – It was my sister in laws birthday. All the family got together for a meal followed by a trip to the park before heading back to her house. This is my niece with my twins enjoying ice creams… she’s ever so cheeky and the boys adore her 🙂

Week 17

Day 109 – Sunday 19th April – Last day of the Easter holidays. We went to the park, again. Just to be out having some fun before school starts back was lovely. I was feeling pretty sad tonight at the thought of school starting again….  I never want them to go back, I miss them so much.

Day 110 – Back to school. Was surprised to see this new addition to the infants playground…. how fab is this climbing frame? The children loved playing on it after school.

Day 111 – Took some photo’s outside of this butterfly toy for review.

Day 112 – This is what I like to see. Teen and friend revising in the back garden. Oh yes, the revision has kicked in big time now…. only two weeks to go! Eek!

Day 113 – Trampoline fun after school…. loving this Spring weather, so nice to see the children rush out into the garden as soon as we get home. It’s like the garden has suddenly come alive again after the long winter.

Day 114 – A very exciting trip to Wembley Arena to see Disney on Ice on Friday night. We go to every show that comes out but this one was special. This one had ‘Frozen’ in it for the first time. We had front row seats and my daughter was invited on the ice as part of the ‘Tangled’ section of the show! Brilliant! that’s her in the carriage chatting to Donald Duck, as you do!

Day 115 – Nothing planned this weekend. I had a bit of a clean up in the house and the kids played in the garden. My twins came in and fell asleep – playing a bit too hard I think 😉

So there we have it. Two more weeks gone. I honestly can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. It’s unbelievable. Hope you all had a good couple of weeks!

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  1. A busy fortnight for you but full of fun memories and Frozen. I’m so disappointed we missed that, never mind it’ll come around again.
    I hope the home issues clear up soon for you xx

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Thank you, me too. Things slightly better this week 🙂 And yes I’m sure there’ll be another Disney on Ice show very soon. The last one was in December so not long ago! x

  2. Fab pictures, but you are right time seems to be flying by at the moment

  3. I hope everything at home is working itself out, and you had me at pedicure and Oreo icecream! So good X

  4. I recognise that butterfly!

    Sounds like you’ve been super busy, hope whatever problems you’re having are resolved soon.

    Lovely photos x

  5. I am quite jealous about Disney on Ice with a Frozen theme x

  6. londonbirdlucy says

    Looks like a fantastic 2 weeks, well the kids have had a super great time. We had some great weather too, spending the day of the pool would of been my highlight. I hope everything will sort it self out and you will be blogging back to normal very soon.
    Thank you.

  7. Its been a very busy time here with a musical show, gym competition and year 6 SATS just around the corner!

  8. What a busy week – I love the bunny picture, they have such cute faces. x

  9. A very busy and exciting fortnight for you. Disney on ice must have been spectacular. I am a big Disney fan so very jealous that I haven’t been to see it as yet.

  10. Lovely pictures, you managed to fit lots into two weeks!

  11. Some lovely photos of fun times. Oreo ice cream sounds like the best!

  12. I am in major need of a pedicure! Wasn’t DOI amazing!!

  13. We had baby blackbirds, which we were really excited about until something killed them…..not an easy one to explain to the 3 year old!!

  14. Looks like you had some busy fun packed few days with lots of fun activities. I love all the pretty photos.

  15. I hope everything is sorted at home – the weeks are truly flying by – even my children say so! Kaz x

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