Project 365 Week 11 – 2015

Carrying on with Project 365 held over at The Boy and Me, whereby the challenge to take a photo a day for a whole year is well under way now!

Week 11 already, and after experiencing an almost WARM day last Saturday, the weather has changed back to freezing again! Typical.

We had three parents evenings this week, I worked an extra day because we were so busy in the office, I rushed around on Thursday evening trying buy red hair spray and accessories for Red Nose Day at school and had a full on weekend! I need to relax a little this week please!

 Day 67 Sunday 8th March – Kids playing out in the garden as the weather held on slightly from the glorious Saturday! My twins wearing their tiger onsies from World Book Day last week!

pet white rabbit Day 68 – Our pet rabbit had sneaked into the utility room and climbed in the washing basket! Cheeky little thing, he’s so cute though so I’ll let him off!

 Day 69 – H doing his homework. This is spellings, although we didn’t cover the words…. he can just about read them never mind trying to remember them to write them down – hard this week I thought for a 5 yr old!

Day 70 – The kids spent ages playing after school, this is my little O having a rest in the shelter on one of the playgrounds.

twins selfie Day 71 – The twins were playing with my phone in the car whilst we were waiting for Teen. Found rather a few pics on it later on…. love this selfie they took! Ha!

red nose dayDay 72 – Red Nose Day at school for Comic Relief… I think we did a good job, they looked fab!

monster high hamleys

 Day 73 – I had two blogging events to attend today, the first one being this, a fantastic Monster High event which consisted of a creepy tour of London on a Monster High bus before being treated to a premiere viewing of new Monster High movie, Haunted at Hamleys, which is where this photo was taken for publicity shots! Later on I raced over to the Pineapple dance studios to promote a new fitness App!


Hope you all had a good week 🙂

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  1. What a full week! Super red-ness for Red Nose Day and love the twins’ selfie. There surely isn’t anything sweeter than that rabbit picture nearly going into the wash!

  2. ourlittleescapades says

    They looked amazing on Red Nose Day, you did a fabulous job considering the rush. You had a very busy week x

  3. Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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