Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 Weeks 37 and 38

Well, school back into full swing this week, unfortunately, but luckily holding on to the weather which has been great. This week seemed so busy, I had so many school curriculum meetings and things to organise, as well as working two days… it was non stop! Trying to get the kids back into a good bedtime routine too which is proving a challenge.

Week 37

project 365

Day 250 – Sunday 7th September – At Willows Farm in Hertfordshire, great day out and a potato picking event! you can read all about that day here.

Day 251 – My little girl doing her tutor homework whilst I was preparing dinner.

Day 252 – Grabbing a Costa latte… my fave, god I love it!!! 🙂

Day 253 – I treated myself to some new make-up. It’s about time too, I don’t do it as often as I’d like, I’d be blowing money on the stuff all the time if I could – this little lot set me back around £40… I nearly passed out at the till ha!

Day 254 – This photo is significant. My daughter is in year 5 which means in exactly a year from now she will be sitting her 11+ exam to get into secondary school. Although we have time next year, I thought I’d start taking her round to the secondary school open days this year, to give her an idea of what they’re like and to see which ones she warms to.  She loved this one and enjoyed joining in with the experiments that the science department had to offer! I cannot actually believe we’re doing this, she doesn’t seem anywhere near old enough to even be considering high school, makes me sad!!!

Day 255 – O driving around in an electric Mini!

Day 256 – Had my daughter’s friend over.  We nipped into our local Next as I had to collect some shoes and the girls spent all their time here at the sunglasses section, trying on every single pair!! Hours of fun hehe

Week 34

project 365

 Day 257 – Sunday 14th September – At the cafe in the park and H wanted a bouncy ball from this machine!

Day 258 – Trampoline fun after school.

Day 259 – On the school field running around free at pick up time! The boys love to play with their friends while we wait for older siblings.

Day 260 – My lovely gift set from Inner Me. This is a review/challenge I’m taking part in for the next six weeks – watch this space.

Day 261 – Teen at athletics training.

Day 262 – The Mad Blog Awards!!! Myself and Afra from Mad Mum of 7 glamming it up! Fab night 🙂

Day 263 – Had my daughter’s friend sleep over again, she’s like one of the family.  They didn’t waste any time in getting stuck into Minecraft first thing in the morning! The hobby of choice these days.

Hope you had a good week (or two).. see you all next week x

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  1. i so need to do the same and get some new makeup mine is running low 🙁 … you looked lovely at the MADs x

  2. Costa Latte is my fave too, have to have them in for the Tassimo! #project365

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