Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 – Weeks 33, 34 and 35

I know I know!!

What the hell have I been up to that I’m actually putting together a 3 week marathon Project 365 eh? The answer is, I really don’t know… I just haven’t got around to finishing them in time and I kept on missing the deadline for the link up! I was going to do a two weeker last week but I was so busy with other things in my life that I left it too late, so resigned myself to the fact that I would definitely, without a shadow of a doubt make this week. I haven’t made the link up *coughs* but I AM continuing with the project, I AM taking those photo’s,  so I AM unquestionably going to share them!!!

Obviously the last three weeks have been the summer holidays and we’ve done a fair bit so some days it was really difficult to choose my favourite pics, but hey…. I managed and here they are…..

Week 33

Week 33 Project 365

Day 222 – Sunday 10th August – Spent the day at home. Weather was stormy but this was taken in the garden later in the day. H and our little pet rabbit.

Day 223 – Making home made pizzas from scratch for lunch. They were yummy, even if I do say so myself. We don’t do enough cooking/baking together really.

Day 224 – Reviewing one of the Uggly toys!

Day 225 – A fab day out at Go Ape. This was so fun, cannot wait to do it again.

Day 226 – A big day. My twins had their hair cut short for the first time. They’ve always had it long so this was a big deal! I love it though, and so do they. They look so different though it’s quite remarkable how grown up it’s made them look.

Day 227 – Friday it was Lollibop day. This is a brilliant kids festival and we love it. Our second year there as a blogger Ambassador and it just gets better.

Day 228 – I picked up the twins birthday bikes from Halfords. Took this pic in the shop!

Week 34

project 365 week 34

Day 229 – My twins 5th birthday party. It was held at Gambados play centre and this was their party table, complete with two head of the table tiger chairs and Minecraft cake 🙂

Day 230 – Their actual birthday and after an exhausting party the day before, they all slept during the afternoon. We had family over in the evening for a celebration.

Day 231 – The twins looking very pleased with themselves after we had managed to put together this amazing castle they got for their birthday. I’m reviewing this so post to follow.

Day 232 – A day at a friends house. The kids play for a while then they always seem to end up doing this at some point. Technology and Minecraft fanatics!

Day 233 – Thursday was a great day. We went to the launch of new toy Xeno at London Zoo. Xeno is amazing, review coming shortly and we got to spend the day in the zoo too which was so much fun.

Day 234 – Taking the new bikes out for a spin.

Day 235 – Our Barbie event. This photo is of my daughter with singing coach from The Voice, Yvie Burnett!

Week 35

project 365 week 35

Day 236 – H taking the iPad out with him (it was the only way we could get him in the car!) and falling asleep. He dropped it a few seconds later!!

Day 237 – A shopping trip for school uniform ended up being more like a long, leisurely lunch at Ed’s Diner!

Day 238 – My girl at a pamper party. It was a friend of mine’s daughter who was turning 12 and I went along to help out. We washed and styled hair and did the make up and nails of 6 girls!! It was exhausting but fun.  My girl joined in too and looked ever so glam with this hair do!!

Day 239 – The Ice Bucket Challenge. My crazy girl was dying to do one and was was ever so pleased when our next door neighbour nominated her 🙂

Day 240 – I was invited to a Next event at the very lovely Ham Yard Hotel in Piccadilly. I got a sneaky peak at the new in for Autumn women’s ranges, as well as being treated to a manicure and a palm reading!

Day 241 – My daughters gymnastics club. And this is Peter Duncan, who is currently appearing on BBC1’s Tumble.. he was there on Friday practising his vault!

Day 242 – My children are friendly with the children next door and they often talk to each other over the fence like this. It’s very cute! My boys are in their pj’s here ha, they have no shame!

So there we are. Phew.. that was rather time consuming pulling in all these photo’s and trying to arrange them somehow.. but it’s done now! Three weeks of my life all laid out right before your very eyes!!!! I’m enjoying Project 365, a photo a day challenge for a whole year, which I join in with over at The Boy and Me. I will endeavour to get this weeks instalment up on Sunday. See you on the other side of the new school term start 🙂


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