Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 Week 40

Project 365 week 40 2014

Day 271 – Sunday 28th September – A busy, fun day in London. Two film previews, this one is at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle screening!

Day 272 – This book was little H’s reading book from school. It’s the first time he’s read without it being a chore. And he tried sounding out all the letters and having a go at the words…  instead of fighting with me about it! I was very proud I can tell you!

Day 273 – Nipped to the shops after school, all three kids had a go in this bus, at the same time hehe!

Day 274 – My twins enjoying colouring in whilst waiting for our meal at Pizza Hut. It was part of our Ninja Turtle review as Pizza Hut are currently serving four new Pizza’s named after the TMNT

Day 275 – Another day, another high school visit and another science lab photo! 😉

Day 276 – My daughter did this in my hair! She is obsessed with doing hairstyles at the moment!

Day 277 – O building his Lego aeroplane.

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