Project 365 and Diary Update 2014 Week 39

Project 365, if you’re new here is a photo a day, every day for a year. Us bloggers usually link up weekly with The Boy and Me but sometimes I do two or even three weeks at a time if I’ve been busy and haven’t managed to write my weekly post in time! I am however, keeping up with it, albeit just about but hey, we’re at the last hurdle now, not THAT many weeks left of this year!

Taking a photo a day is not as easy as you might think. As a blogger though, I’m always ready, poised to take a photo, usually with my phone. It’s become a habit now but not always because I’m thinking about the project or my blog, but because I just love taking photo’s of my children in their every day life. They fascinate me and I love capturing even the littlest of things that they do. Some days though life is busy and I’m not always thinking about photo’s. Or we aren’t doing anything unusual that triggers a photo opportunity. So it can be tricky in that respect.


Week 39

Day 264 – My girl went to a friends party and the theme was The Great British Bake Off (hehe)! When I collected her, she had won this trophy, pictured with her winning cupcake design which is an octopus on the moon! Of course it is!

Day 265 – Struggling for a photo on this day so had to use this one. It’s some nutritious cereal aimed at kids but with no sugar added. My daughter liked it which is great, I shall be buying more of the stuff and try to wean the twins off their preferred chocolate infused sugary gunk!

Morrisons Nutmeg clothing Day 266 – I was supposed to go to the Morrisons Nutmeg clothing press event today, I’d even swapped a day at work so I could go but my daughter wasn’t well in the morning and I made the decision to keep her off school. She was actually ok later on, typical! Morrisons had very kindly sent us a package which arrived on this same day with outfits for my three youngest children. They’re all fab! My daughter modelling hers here, a cute Autumn outfit 🙂

jessops photo academyDay 267 – I attended a Jessops press event in Central London. I thought it was going to be a taster session but it turned out to be an ACTUAL Jessops Photography workshop! Of course I couldn’t stay for it all as I had to get back for the school run but the part that I stayed for was really good. They gave me this camera to use which I so wanted to keep, but I wasn’t allowed (not fair!) – I will however be back to attend a full course, which they have offered to me, I can’t wait! I desperately want my own DSLR to take though….

Day 268 – A very blurred shot of Teen competing in his first athletics competition with his running club. This is the 100m sprint and my son is the one way out in front! He’s the most competitive person I’ve ever come across!

 Day 268 – Took these little spooky gingerbread treats in for the kids after school.

Day 269 – My besties. At the park on Saturday afternoon. Love them so much x


 So that’s it for week 39 – see you next week for week 40! Only 12 weeks left of 2014… EEk!

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