Our Christmas 2015

Things have been a little quiet over here at Mummy Endeavours HQ recently.

I decided to step away from my blog for a couple of weeks to get myself organised for Christmas. I was working a fair bit in my ‘normal’ job and in between shopping trips and school winding down for end of term, I just needed one less thing to think about.

Present buying for four children is a bit of a mammoth task, especially when two of them have no clue what they really want and another changes his mind every day (Teenagers!). I thought I’d leave Teen till the very last minute in the hope that he would come up with a present worth having…. I’m not really into forking out for gifts that he’ll get fed up with after a few weeks. Plus it was his 17th birthday last month and he’s having driving lessons which aren’t cheap and he will no doubt be looking for some kind of hand out when it comes to car buying and insurance etc etc….. so I’ve told him I’m not spending a lot this Christmas on him.

Most of our gift buying was done in the last week leading up to Christmas. As usual. Every year I say I’ll start early but I don’t.

Next year I will. 😉

We also started a new tradition on Christmas Eve, as suggested by my Girl, of wearing new pyjamas to bed. It’s a tradition that many families do already and in actual fact, I’d been thinking of starting this anyway. The kids always get new pyjamas for Christmas so it makes sense to wear these on Christmas Eve to bed, all ready for present opening and photo taking the following morning.

pyjamas on christmas eve

new christmas pj'sNew Superhero pj’s for the twins and a cute rabbit onesie for my girl.

The Christmas Eve ‘gift’ of pyjamas was completed with some glowsticks for a bit of fun and chocolate straws to make a yummy bedtime drink. I was hoping this would settle their off the stratosphere excitement levels… which seemed to work!

This is the first year that my twins have truly been mega excited! You know that type of excitement where you’e literally bursting at the seams and running around like crazy, squealing nutcases? I have memories of being like that myself as a child on Christmas Eve and it’s lovely seeing my own children experience it. Witnessing this made me sentimental, and their belief in the magic of Christmas was overwhelmingly emotional for me. I know there won’t be many Christmasses where they’ll be like this…. If only I could bottle that beautiful innocence and keep it forever.

Christmas Day morning was amazing, as usual. Seeing the kids faces light up when they see that Santa has been is the highlight for me.

Christmas Day 2015The twins had Star Wars stuff, as well as new pieces for their Disney Infinity. Skylanders and Ninja Turtles featured quite heavily too! My Girl meanwhile went crazy for this Mermaid Tail.. she got an iPad mini too! 

My daughter actually had so much this year. I’d been picking up bits and bobs as I went along and realised that she probably had too much once I started wrapping everything! But hey, she deserves it.. she’s such a good girl and my only Princess 🙂 Teen ended up having some clothes which he was pleased with! I also bought tickets for him and his girlfriend to go out on NYE … hope I don’t regret THAT decision though – more on that in a later post!

We spent Christmas day at the OH’s Mum’s house. It was lovely because his three sisters were there too with their children, we haven’t spent Christmas there all together for a couple of years now and the cousins love to play together so they had a great time. I also didn’t have to think about Christmas dinner – bonus.

We had a lot of laughs and were suitably exhausted when we got home!

Boxing Day was a day of doing nothing much at all…. giving the kids time to really check out and play with their new toys, then on Monday I drove up North to stay with my Dad for a week with the kiddies! That’s where I am right now…. enjoying some relaxation and catching up with other family members and friends.

Hope you all had a super wonderful Christmas x


  1. I left a lot of the shopping later this year as the boys didn’t really want anything. There is nothing better than Christmas morning with all the excitement and we do the Christmas Eve PJ’s too

  2. I always get new PJs for the kids for Christmas too although we don’t give them on Christmas Eve – only on ‘the day’! I do love a quiet Boxing Day though, to recover after the run up to Christmas and the excitement of the day. Happy New Year!

  3. Great to see you back. Looks like you had a great Christmas.

  4. It is Eliza’s birthday this month and she is desperate for a mermaids tail – can I ask where you got it?
    Callan’s Christmas present was car tax for his car – lessons are so expensive aren’t they……hoping he will pass his test second time round xx

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Hi Kara, the main website for these is FinFunMermaid.com – it’s American and is costly but they do the most amazing ones. Think you’d pay upwards of £80 there. This one we managed to bag for £50 off ebay (think the seller is ASVPShop) but obviously because you need the flipper attachment thing that goes inside, that’s what bumps up the price! We got this last minute and I’m so glad because my daughter is literally obsessed with it hehe xx

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. We do the new PJs in Christmas Eve now and I think it really starts things off nicely. I had a nightmare though finding ones for my daughter which didn’t have any characters on!

  6. We always do the new pj’s on Christmas Eve, the kids love it 🙂 It looks like you have had a very happy Christmas 🙂 Happy New Year, I hope 2017 is amazing for you all x

  7. claremansell says

    The mermaid tail is amazing! I have already started my Christmas shopping for this year, in fact I started it on Christmas Day evening doing a big order for wrapping paper, tags, cards and crackers in the sale and getting it all for half price!

  8. Oh my GOD, just showed Daisy Poppy’s mermaid tail! She LOVES it!!! Glad you all had a lovely Christmas! x x

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Aww it was from a shop on Ebay as had to time to order from America! (See my reply to Kara’s comment as I explain there!) Hope you had a great Christmas too xx

  9. RachelInRealLife says

    It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. I’m with you, the best part about Christmas for me was seeing my 5 year old open his presents and that mermaid tail is amazing!

  10. where did you get that mermaid tail? my eldest has been after one for ages!

  11. It’s sometimes worth stepping away from your blog for a bit when you’re busy. Looks like you all had a lovely time during the Christmas celebrations.

    Our Christmas involved lots and lots of lovely Lego! My sister got me some snuggly PJs too.

  12. LOVE the photos, looks like a well deserved lovely Christmas!
    I found myself getting carried away buying bits for Tilly too – it gets a bit too easy to spoil girls to little bits and bobs that quickly add up at that age. xx

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