Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree!

Our tree is UP!

It’s a big one!

And it’s gorgeous!

Mega DIY superstore B&Q got in touch with me recently and offered me a very generous voucher to spend in one of their stores…. inviting us to create our perfect Christmas tree!

Excited just isn’t the word! Me that is, not just the kids 😉

When I look back at my own childhood, the Christmas tree decorating was definitely the highlight of the festive period for me. I absolutely loved it. We always had a real tree and I remember my Dad used to have a huge special pot that he would fill with soil and plonk the tree into! The smell was divine, especially in the mornings when we opened the living room door where the tree was. I remember the boxes of decorations coming down from the loft… and me peering inside to glimpse the wondrous treasures within! I had my favourites that I would immediately look for. Even at a young age I felt I needed to put them on the tree in just the right place… it was important to me to do a good job! My Mum was very particular and I’m sure she must’ve juggled a few about but I always felt so proud of our tree, and I thought, without a doubt, that it was the most beautiful one around!

I think that’s why, as a family here, we’ve always bought a real tree. Until recent years that is. So fed up were we of droopy branches by the time Christmas Day came, we decided to go out and buy a fake tree. We’ve used this one for the last couple of years and although gorgeous, I have missed that real tree smell that fills the home at this time of year.

Coincidentally, our fake tree was also bought from B&Q, as were these gorgeous red berry lights and many of the decorations! Here it is, last years tree:

We used to buy our real trees from a local garden centre so this year, with our voucher, we knew we had to try our luck with a real tree once again, but from B&Q instead!

We usually go big… I love Christmas trees and a 6ft tree is the norm here but this year I wanted the biggest, most stunning tree I’ve ever had! When we arrived at our local B&Q on Wednesday evening, the kids made a beeline for the real trees outside… there were so many to choose from!

Christmas B&Q treeChoosing a tree, having it wrapped by a friendly member of staff and getting it on a trolley ready for the till! Oh and two little reindeer head bands were also purchased for my twins!

We spent some time studying all the trees, so determined was I to pick the perfect one. B&Q are offering a couple of varieties but the one that stood out for me was a large Norway Spruce! As soon as I clapped eyes on it I knew it was The One! It was tall and full with a perfect shape.

Tree picked, we headed inside to the decorations isles and spent what felt like hours admiring all of the sparkly baubles and fun festive delights! Trying to find some kind of method in our choosing of products, with three young kids in tow picking up and grabbing random bits that caught their eye, I gave up and let them pile whatever they wanted into the trolley!

I DID have to have these fantastic light up presents though for under the tree. I had my eye on them last year but didn’t buy them so I definitely wasn’t going to let them slip this year!

My twins also wouldn’t put down this singing Christmas tree no matter what. He was also purchased.

It was late when we got home, too late to start decorating. My OH brought the tree in and stood it up in our new stand and left us to do the decorating the next day after school.

xmas tree B&QTeen and my Girl unwrapping the tree (Teen is standing on a box here!)

We unpacked all the baubles. We tried to pick something from all the ranges as there really are some beautiful pieces in each.

xmas decorations B&Q

Christmass tree decorations B&Q Here are some of our favourites hanging on our tree….

I decided not to add our decorations from previous years to this year’s tree. Instead, going for a more minimal look, with just the new items we bought… which we did have a lot of anyway!

We made a change to the lights this year too. Buying the multi-coloured ones that seem to be back in fashion! We always had these as kids – you know the ones that if one bulb went, the whole lot would go and then parents would have to spend ages working out which one it was! Not so nowadays with these LED types.. which seem to last forever!

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about these lights but I absolutely love them!

I think our tree looks amazing! It’s big, it’s taking up a lot of space but I love it! It looks so pretty in the room and it smells divine.

B&Q Christmas Tree

It’s absolutely perfect! AND it looks as though the shape is going to stay. The branches are so upright that I don’t foresee droopyness any time soon! Yay.

I will however, report back nearer to the big day itself to confirm if this is still the case!

Do you go for a real tree?


  1. Wow!!
    That looks fantastic, your decorations are really fantastic too especially the chalk board 🙂 x

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