Odd Socks – Crisis

Well I don’t know about you but what DO world leaders discuss when they get together? The economy? World peace? The third world issues?

Nothing important anyway. (lol) I think they should be discussing the very real problem that people like me have in their day to day existence which is the Odd Sock Crisis.

Today, I couldn’t find ONE matching pair of socks for my twins!! I had a massive pile of washing in the utility room that I’d done over the weekend but had yet to sort out and either iron (only if absolutely necessary) or put away (time consuming)… which I was rummaging through like a mad woman trying to find a couple of p***ing socks that matched!


It was getting nearer and nearer the school run time so obviously I was becoming more and more enraged by this developing emergency – my Teen was looking at me as if I had finally ‘lost it’ (it’s on the cards you know).

Teen by the way was probably – no… guaranteed to be – wearing odd socks because in our house we have an ‘Odd Sock Drawer’ and nearly half of the socks in it are HIS!!

Yes, we have an odd sock drawer folks…because…well…because we need one?!! Surely everyone has one, right? Today in the drawer I counted 32 odd socks – is that a record?!!!


Lying dirty somewhere under/behind the furniture? In the garden? (a real possibility now the kids play out there every day) Forgotten in the washing basket? Or just LOST?!!!! It’s one of life’s mysteries is it not?!!

I keep the odd sock drawer because I’m of the opinion that I will be able to ‘pair’ the sad, lonely, odd socks with their other halves once they are found and washed, but the tragic reality is that less than half actually do turn up and the bereft socks are destined to sit in the drawer forever!! And yes that happens… why don’t we just throw them away if they’ve been sitting in the drawer for ever?!! Because we still believe the other sock will turn up that’s why.

This phenomenon is not just baffling it’s downright pitiful and costly – how many pairs of socks have we had to go out and buy because we now don’t have enough?!!!

There is no escaping this problem any longer. It’s time to stand up and be counted! Something needs to be done so mornings like the one I’ve had today don’t keep happening to innocent people!!!!!!!!


  1. I have now completely given up with matching socks. Everyone in my family now wears odd and if they moan I tell them that they can sort the socks themselves if it bothers them that much. They don’t! There’s a great quote floating around Pinterest that says “Life is too short to waste time matching socks” I found it funny. Found your blog through Britmums x

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Hi there… it’s just so frustrating! But I guess you’re right… wearing odd socks is the way forward!!! Nice of you to pop over from Britmums x

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