Newbie Tuesday Round Up Delight

I just thought I’d write a little post to share my delight (if you hadn’t already noticed from my Twitter posts!) about being mentioned in the #NewbieTuesday Round Up over at Britmums by the lovely @ActuallyMummy

As I’m a complete newbie (blog less than two weeks old) I’m still faffing my way round and I’d been feeling a bit deflated over the weekend through a lack of time to really get stuck into my blogging and through a lack of knowledge as to how to get my blog out there. I know it obviously takes time to establish oneself but I thought I’d check in on Britmums to see if there was any advice. I had also wanted to bag myself a ticket to Britmums live – I seriously need to go to learn the ropes – but alas, typically, no tickets left!! (If anyone wants to sell theirs please let me know!).

I joined Britmums when I started my blog, I wrote a few lines to fill up my profile then hadn’t been back since – was busy writing my posts. To be honest I don’t know my way around the site yet and only just stumbled across my own profile again lol where I found my welcome email from Marianne. Yay I thought – an email, I replied to that and this morning just checked in again to have a read of the ‘getting started’ link.

Suddenly I was distracted by the Newbie Tuesday front page news which I read through and there I was!!! Right at the end…a lovely mention about my post on summer born babies.

I wasn’t expecting to be there so to say I was excited would be the understatement of the century. I was beyond happy. Ecstatic!! Eeek I’m still excited 7 hours later!!! Is this an over-reaction? I’ve no idea. How do other newbies feel about getting a mention? I’m sure they must feel the same. It’s validation. And it arrived at just the right time to give me a little boost 😉

I have yet to read the other blogs on the list that share the limelight with me, but I will endeavour to do that tonight.

But for now I’ll revel in my little celebrity moment a little longer!

Thanks again xx


  1. It’s BLOODY LOVELY to get a mention, however old your blog is. Well done you, long may your blogging continue 🙂

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