Nearly done #GCSE’s

The half term is over and Teen has ploughed straight back into his GCSE’s.

He had his first one on the 12th May and from then on they came thick and fast. Half term brought a welcome respite but now the GCSE’s have fully resumed.

The good thing now though, is the end is almost in sight.

It can’t come quick enough as far as I’m concerned.

I wrote a few weeks ago how I have been ever so stressed in the lead up to these exams. I’m still a lot more stressed than Teen, I hate it. I feel for him as he leaves the house to go to school for an exam. I worry about the pressure or how well he’s going to do and I can’t bear it! I just want it all to be over!

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I told you I’ve despaired of Teen at times over the past few years. Yes, he’s a good boy deep down but he’s had a somewhat colourful (for want of a better word) time during his years at high school…. He’s a very lively, confident boy who’s up for a laugh , and once the teenage years were truly in full swing, he acquired a bit of an attitude. I suppose he’s acted like the stereotypical teenage boy on more than one occasion; showing off at school, being cheeky, disruptive, disrespectful even… not exactly moments to be proud of.

But he always managed to worm his way out of situations with his charm and the fact that many of his teachers liked him and had his back. He always managed to be somewhere in the top sets too, despite never seeming to do much homework – always saying he wasn’t set any, or that he’d done it at lunchtimes!

I was so worried that he wasn’t taking school seriously. Don’t get me wrong, he did excel in certain areas and represented the school many times in sporting tournaments. But the lack of interest in anything academic and the complete disregard for his work (I used to find scraps of worksheets crumpled up all over his room and the work in his books was ridiculously messy) distressed me no end!

With the GCSE’s looming though, and I’m talking weeks not months before, I did see a real difference in Teen. He’d been telling me not to worry for some time, saying that he ‘had this’ – and honestly, all of a sudden… he just seemed to switch.

Gone was the attitude of not giving a stuff and in it’s place was a determination to succeed.

GCSE revisionTeen and friend revising in the garden!

I have been totally blown away by his dedication to revision in the final weeks leading up to his GCSE’s. Yes, I badgered him for a long time, but now, right now when it matters, he has locked himself away and has knuckled right down.

Should it surprise me? Not really.

Teen is the sort of person who likes to win. It’s the reason he’s always been so successful at any sport he turned his hand to. He’s incredibly competitive and doesn’t like losing, so why should his GCSE’s be any different?

He wants to open that envelope on results day and be able to wave it around with pride! He’d like to show off and give himself a big, well deserved pat on the back as he reads his great (hopefully) results.

Whatever happens though on results day, to me, he’s already succeeded.

I know he’s tried his best. That’s all I wanted. He’s been committed, he’s taken his GCSE’s seriously and for that, I am already the proudest Mum on the planet! 🙂

Mum of Three World


  1. sarahmo3w says

    Very well done to him, no wonder you’re a proud mum! So much of what you’re saying about the lack of homework and the crumpled worksheets reminds me of my own son, so you’ve given me hope now! Thank you and thank you for linking with Loud ‘n’ Proud.

  2. Aww it sounds like you have ever reason to be a proud Mum – I hope they went amazingly. x

  3. Well done to him! We’ve just had AS levels here, after GCSE last year, and with four spaced out kids summer is set to be exam time for years *sob* !!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Thank you! Gosh, I’ll probably be even worse next year at AS level! I have four too but my other three are a bit younger so i’ll have a couple of years ‘free’ for a while! Not sure I’m going cope when my twins do theirs! lol x

  4. And so you should be proud. Exams are such a stressful time, I truly hope Teen has done well after all his hard work.

  5. Oh I remember the stress of the GCSE years! Good luck to him!

  6. I’ll be facing this in a couple of years and the mocks my eldest’s had this last week were stressful enough!

  7. Oooh hope his GCSE’s go really well, my son is doing his A levels at the moment, scary stuff x

  8. I remember when I used to come home exhausted after exams and my nan saying to me, “Couldn’t you do it?” Such confidence in me!

  9. Good luck dont think I could ever do mine again.

  10. I hope he gets the grades he wants, needs and clearly deserves x

  11. Good luck with the results, I am sure he has done well.

  12. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    I always say to my two that as long as they try their hardest, I’ll always be proud x x

    Good luck to your teen x

  13. I am dreading the days of exams, and I hope mine are responsible enough to understand the importance and work on showing their potential too. I hope the end comes soon and you can start enjoying the long summer

  14. Good luck to him! I hope he does his best – if he has a strong will to excel, he’ll be good 🙂

  15. I have to admit that I have been a lot more relaxed this time around GCSE’s – I have had one sail through them and one struggle and number 3 seems to be doing well too – lets hope the results are good xx

  16. Aww well done to him!
    I can remember how stressed I was when it came to my exams, I dread to think how stressed my parents were!

  17. I am so pleased that he has surprised you and made your proud. I remember my teens, I was terrible!

  18. My daughter locked herself in her room for those crucial 2 years, but came out all the wiser for it! So proud of all GCSE students and there commitment to learning. X

  19. Michelle Twin Mum says

    Ahh big well done to your teen and his good attitude towards his exams. I hope you are both stres free very soon. Mich x

  20. Oh, Carolynne, I am sure he has done you proud and has excellent results to show for his hard work. It is wonderful when we see attitudes transform, isn’t it? So sorry for the delayed comment, my life, like everyone’s I am sure, has been a hot, busy mess these last few weeks.xx

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Thank you, yes it has been great that he turned things around – much to my relief! All over now thank goodness! He can enjoy his long summer break 🙂 And I know how busy life can be… there aren’t enough hours in the day! x

  21. Ickle Pickle says

    I feel your pain – eldest has been through GCSE’s, AS and A levels and just finished first year of Uni and youngest daughter just finished her first run of GCSEs. so, just my two sons to go and they are 12 and 2! Kaz x

  22. suzanne3childrenandit says

    Oh it’s such a relief to read posts like this. I have a teen who took a few GCSEs this year and the rest next year. I’m already stressed about it because we had the laid-back attitude and scrumpled up worksheets this year and we were often at loggerheads over it! She is also pretty determined and bright but I’m really not convinced she’s doing anywhere near enough to get the As she’s been predicted! I hope your teen does really well and books you and himself proud 🙂

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