My Cheap and Cheerful Skincare Faves

I’m a great believer in skincare that doesn’t cost the earth.

I mean, we all KNOW there’s no miracle anti-ageing skin cream out there (at the moment) so as long as a product has the basic ingredients in and makes my skin feel good, then that’s good enough for me!

Superdrug has been my go to store for browsing skincare. There’s always some kind of offers on at least one of the ranges, and their own brands are great too!

So what am I using right now?

Well, I do use good old soap and water sometimes. But it has to be Dove as I think this is the least drying. It’s deliciously lovely and creamy.

Dove Soap

I have dry skin and I’m a little old fashioned in that I like to Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize. Using a cleansing cream makes my skin feel so much more hydrated than soap. I believe that cleanser has to do it’s job, which is to remove make-up or dirt well, but I want it to feel rich. I don’t want ingredients that are too harsh.. perfumes, for example. Not necessary! I usually look for deals on Cleansers as I’m not too fussed on the brand as long as it’s gentle. I’ve been using this Nivea one for a while now which is perfect. I like to slap it on my face generously and leave it for a minute or two to really sink in as my skin is always so thirsty, then remove the rest with cotton wool pads. I repeat until fully clean.

nivea cleanser

For the Toner part, I don’t user Toner! I mean… what even is that? Does it still exist? It’s Micellar Water all the way for me these days! It’s pretty amazing. If you haven’t yet experienced the wonder of Micellar Water yet, then let me enlighten you. It looks and feels like toner but acts like a cleanser, in that it removes all traces of make-up and dirt. There really is no need to cleanse anymore. In fact, you could ditch the cleanser for good! If I’m in a hurry or I’m tired, I will just use Micellar water without cleansing. Especially in the mornings. But I still like to feel that extra bit of moisture that the cleansing cream gives me. It’s like a little treat so I’m not ready to give it up just yet! But the Micellar Water has revolutionized the daily skincare routine now for women everywhere and is a definite must have. My favourite brand is Simple. Soak a cotton wool pad and swipe over the face until clean.

simple miceller water

Now that I’m getting older (coughs – in my forties!) I have started using additional products. I like this Vitamin E Serum from Superdrug. It’s their own brand and only costs £3.99. Vitamin E is one of the best ingredients for great skin and this one also has a multivitamin complex too. Superdrug has a huge selection of products in it’s Vitamin E range which are well worth a look if you’re on a budget! Serums seem to be the new wonder product of recent years as they’re absorbed into the skin better than creams. I use this under my moisturiser.

vitamin E serum superdrug

For Moisturiser, I tend to swap around regularly and buy different brands. I don’t know whether this is the right thing to do for my skin but I enjoy trying new products and there are so many out there! If I’m feeling particularly frivolous I’ll spend a bit more but usually never more than £25. Sometimes I go for the very cheap and cheerful at around £5.

Another Superdrug’s own brand I like is the Optimum range. I’ve bought the Anti-Ageing Day Cream a few times and love it. It priced at around £12.99 but there’s often a deal on to nab it at half price! It’s aimed at women aged 35+ and has ingredients that fights wrinkes, smoothes and firms. It also contains the all important SPF. Optimum also do a Grape Overnight Peel which I want to try. It’s had some great reviews.

Optimum skincare superdrug

I recently bought this Olay 2in1 Hydration and Radiant Glow which I apply over the top of the moisturiser. It gives a nice sheen and extra SPF protection. I wouldn’t use it alone as it’s not hydrating enough for me. It is a lovely product though.


At night I’ve been swapping between two products recently that I love. First of all, another Superdrugs’ own brand… B. This whole brand is great because it’s divided up into age groups (4 Phases) so you can find a product suited to your skin type by age. I love this night cream and it’s my absolute favourite product right now. It’s in Phase 2 and it’s the Radiant Overnight Mask. It has a very weird texture, almost like jelly and quite sticky. I have to pat it on then let it soak in for a minute before I go to bed and it feels a little weird on my skin, but in the morning… wow my dry skin is so beautifully soft and feels so silky and hydrated.

radiant overnight mask

Another brand I’ve recently discovered is Nip & Fab. I’m using their Dragons Blood Fix Plumping Mask right now. It’s a gel consistency that you leave on for 10 mins and wash off, or leave on overnight. It contains hyaluronic acid which seems to be the super ingredient of the moment as it has incredibly hydrating effects.

nip & fab

For body cream I’m a huge fan of The Body Shop Body Butter. It’s on the pricey side at around £14 per tub but it’s gorgeous and again, there’s always offers on in store so pop in regularly to find the bargains! I love the different scents but my most recent favourite is the Passion Fruit Body Butter. It smells heavenly divine. I loved this so much and kept going back to it but unfortunately it’s just been discontinued (Boooo!)…. but you CAN still pick it up on Amazon for the time being… Yay!

body shop body butter

So those are my cheaper faves right now. I have splashed the cash occasionally on products so I’ll be back to share my opinions on those, as well as more cheap and cheerful finds as I try them! What are you skin faves?


  1. ChelseaMamma says

    You cannot go wrong with Body Shop products……..sadly simple irritates my skin

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Love Body Shop! Shocked that Simple doesn’t agree with you, I would never have thought, it always seems so pure! I guess you just never know what’s in them! x

  2. I love a bit of a beauty round-up! We love micellar water too in our house – my teenager got me on to it!

  3. I have misellar water too. Bought it first a couple of years ago in France.

  4. You are obviously doing something right, you look fab!
    My beauty regime starts with a face scrub and then palmers cocoa butter. That’s it!
    I think I’ve got to the age where I need to spice or up a little!

  5. I just use Nivea and Dove, they have always been really kind to my skin, no point paying £30 for skincare when you can get it under a fiver is there? 😉

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