Songs That Remind Me Of You

Have you ever been stopped in your tracks by a song that starts playing on the radio? Has it instantly taken you back to a particular time or place? Maybe it was a happy time or maybe it’s a painful memory?

It happens to me quite often. Usually its a song from my childhood which transports me back to all sorts of fun and happy scenarios. The other day is was A-Ha…remember them? That fab song they made, Take On Me….loved that..still do, it’s a great track isn’t it? I hear it occasionally and I usually just sing along, but this time… The song took me on a journey in my mind back to a school disco I once went to with my mate Samantha!! She was into A-Ha in a big way. I was only friends with her for the first year of high school really (I’m giving away my age now!), we hooked up when we were both new. She was the first friend I made at high school and we had a lot of fun but as I got to know and became friends with other people we drifted apart. She wasn’t part of my life for long so she isn’t someone I think about. Ever. Yet this song was playing and I found myself remembering everything about her!!! It’s bizarre how our minds pluck out these dormant memories from many years ago. Its like in dreams when we visualise people from our past that we probably couldn’t even begin to describe during our waking moments because we’ve forgotten all about them. I could even picture what Samantha’s bedroom looked like from times I stayed over, all the posters that hung on her wall of A-Ha, along with many others. I remember the outfits we wore to that particular disco and the boys we fancied at the time… Haha so funny!! Brilliant!

Fond memories, happy times.

There are other songs though that have a very different affect on me. Sad songs. It doesn’t really matter which, and it doesnt happen all the time don’t get me wrong, it just has to be the right moment and the song powerful enough. Take yesterday for example, I was in my kitchen cleaning (as you do) and a slow, sad song came on the radio. I sat down and my mind wandered, I started thinking about my mum.

I lost my mum almost five years ago now. I really can’t believe it’s that long, it’s gone so fast and so much has happened in that time; I fell pregnant again, gave birth to twins, my daughter started school, my son started high school, we moved house….

Life is so busy and there’s no time to sit and dwell on things. No time to just, well… think.

Sometimes I believe my mum wished this busy life upon me, which seemed to accelerate after she passed away, to keep my mind occupied; so I wouldn’t miss her as much. Grief can be immensely overpowering and crippling, I honestly don’t know how I would’ve got through the loss of my mum had it not been for my children and their smiling little faces. They force you to smile, you can’t fail to be uplifted when you have your own children trying to make you happy, who need you so much and want to cheer you up!

Of course I miss her though, every day. I purposely don’t allow myself to think too much about her when I’m busy as its still too painful but sometimes when I hear a sad song on the radio, if my children are at school or at least not near me, I sit down and allow myself to be overwhelmed by the sadness and have a good old cry. in that moment I’m fully focused in my remembrance of her and I think I need that time.

Then when the sad song has finished…I pick myself up, dry my eyes and carry on with my day.

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