Morrisons Nutmeg Spring/Summer 2015

Morrisons showcased their new Nutmeg Spring and Summer kids clothing range last week at their press event,  and I popped along to check it out!

I love looking at kids clothes, especially when its the new season’s collections, and Nutmeg is a relatively new brand to the market, having only been around two years, so it was interesting to see what they’re doing and how they’re competing in the huge supermarket clothing war!

When I arrived, everything looked beautifully summery! Made me long for some lovely warm weather…. and I was lucky enough to be introduced to the designer of the whole Nutmeg range, Katy Percival.

Kay Percival Nutmeg designerThe lovely Katy Percival

Katy was ever so friendly and showed me round the collection herself, which was quite exciting for me!

The first, and probably the most important thing I noticed about the garments was the quality. The cotton was thick and soft, the detailing was intricate and if I didn’t know any better, I would’ve presumed these items were being sold in a high end fashion store.

But they weren’t. These were supermarket clothes and incredibly cheap. In fact, I was shocked that such quality items could even be produced at these prices, never mind being sold at them!

There were boys long sleeved, brushed cotton t-shirts for just £2! A whole outfit could be purchased for £10, less in some cases. In all the beautiful ranges there were items that could be mix and matched, and there was something for all tastes… whether it was pretty and pastel, or funky and bright!

morrisons nutmeg clothing boysThis outfit could be bought for less than £10! The t-shirt is only £2 and the jeans £7

Boys shirt from NutmegI loved this boys bug shirt! 

The boys range was lovely. Having twin boys myself I like to get good value for money, without compromising on style and quality. There are a lot of retailers out there that are pushing out dirt cheap kids clothes, which is good, but often, the majority of them have products that, to me, feel cheap; thin, scratchy fabrics or just badly made.

Not so with Nutmeg. The quality, I’ll keep saying, is remarkable. And the attention to detail too… for instance, every single piece has been thought about carefully, whether it’s a bit of ruching, a cute slogan or a turn up sleeve, all these things give the look and feel of a much more expensive product.

This was the aim… producing high quality, on trend products, at an affordable price point.

Other thoughtful details include tops that are free from itchy labels (I don’t know about your children but mine are always complaining about the labels in clothes, saying they irritate, so this was a clever touch I thought) or trousers with extendable legs meaning they last even longer, giving even more value for money!

The SS15 collection is inspired by days out and holidays. In fact, the holiday section had everything you could need for your week or two away… little vests in packs of three, shorts, hats, swimsuits and playsuits….. it’s a one stop shop and because everything is so reasonable, you can buy more!

Morrisons Nutmeg Girls clothesSome of the girls pieces

morrisons nutmeg clothing

morrisons nutmeg clothes

Katy Percival told us that the colour palettes for all the ranges were inspired and named after all things summery or sweet, like Lemon Drop, Picnic, Caramel and Sugared Almonds. Katy, and her team of 7 are aiming to create a real sense of branding with their Nutmeg clothes. They want to stay true to their brand, and that is to be age appropriate, good quality,  fashionable,  and fun.

I defy anyone not to find something they love in this collection. They have everything from underwear to shoes, and even some lovely Mother’s Day inspired clothes.

Morrisons are getting it spot on with their Nutmeg childrens clothes. I will 100% be buying some of these pieces for my children. The girls and boys clothes go up to age 12. Morrisons have over 250 stores now stocking clothing and more stores are planned this year, but if you cannot find what you need or your local store isn’t yet stocking Nutmeg, then have a look online where you will find more stock.

Why not head down to your nearest store and take a look? I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!



  1. I love the look of the new range I shall have to have a look for my daughter 🙂

  2. These do look like excellent value – and lovely and colourful too. How interesting to meet Katy as well!

  3. I love the range of clothes from Nutmeg, my daughter has some from the AW collection and they wash so well and haven’t lost their shape.

  4. None of our local stores stock it, which is a shame

  5. Unfortunately, our Morissons is too small for a clothing section but these clothes look great! I love the bug shirt 🙂

  6. cherishedbyme says

    I think the Nutmeg clothes are great value and good quality too.

  7. I have to agree they have a fantastic affordable range that i would put on my children also x

  8. we already have the boys long sleeve top (I have been really really good) its one of my faves, it washes so well and looks amazing even ever many, many washes! .. i love their clothes x

  9. want great bargains – supermarket clothes have so much to offer.

  10. I have not been to Morrisons for a number of years as the nearest one to us about 15 miles away. I do like their Children’s variety of clothes

  11. These clothes look great. We always shop at Morrisons but sadly our branch doesn’t stock clothes.

  12. what a funky collection of kids clothes

  13. Oh that bug shirt is especially great. I need to get two for my two boys.

  14. love Nutmeg – i’ve picked up a few things for Vega in there

  15. I love the ‘Ive been really really good’ jumper, so cute x

  16. Mellissa Williams says

    That bug T shirt is cool. Never thought of Morrisons for clothes, will have to have a look sometime!

  17. I have bought a few things from the Nutmeg range over the last year and have been really impressed with the quality.

  18. I had no idea Morrisons did a clothes range! I need to take a look.

  19. Nutmeg do some excellent clothes, really good value too! xxx

  20. I love nutmeg clothes, sadly with no car I can’t get to a Morrisons

  21. Sounds like a lovely event. I love their stuff and have bought Aaron quite a lot from there but never get invited to their events. Their collections are lovely and very affordable x

  22. What a lovely looking range and i agree, it makes me long for summer! I love that bugs shirt, brilliant!

  23. I really love the Nutmeg range – just wish we had a Morrisons closer to us

  24. ooh lovely! I didn’t even know they had a range! x

  25. I love the boy’s bug shirt and the girl’s dress with the stripy skirt.

  26. wow, I never knew that Morrisons had their own clothing range. I would happily dress my children in these clothes, they look great – and at an affordable price – brilliant!

  27. I love nutmeg clothes – I buy alot there for my little girls

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