Mamma Mia! – A Review

Well I’ve made no secret of my love for all things musical theatre so to admit I hadn’t seen Mamma Mia! untill now is a little shameful!

I recently headed into London’s West End with my favourite theatre companion, my lovely daughter, to see the hit musical.

It’s one of those musicals that I’ve always wanted to see but never got round to. I’ve seen the film and I absolutely love it… it’s one of my favourites so I guess that sufficed. I didn’t really NEED to see the show!

I love everything about the film Mamma Mia… the story, the music, the setting and in my opinion, the most perfect actors to play the roles.

How could the stage version live up to that?

mamma mia londonMy daughter here outside The Novello Theatre in London’s West End just about to see Mamma Mia

But I know the musical is where it all started… where the whole story and concept of combining the amazing Abba catalogue of songs with a script began, and I also know nothing can beat the thrill of a live performance yet after watching and enjoying the film so many times, I thought there might be no way the show could win me over.

But boy was I wrong!

Within minutes of the musical starting, memories of the film were being wiped away to make way for this new version. The performers were totally believable, I immediately warmed to them… the stage setting, even though simple, really did make me believe they were on a Greek Island!

mamma mia london cast 2016Sanne den Besten who plays Sophie

I actually think watching the film enhanced my enjoyment of the Mamma Mia! Musical. I was familiar with the story and knew what was coming next, I didn’t need to concentrate too much and could just sit back and enjoy it!

In case you didn’t know (where have you been hiding all your life?) the story is based around single Mum Donna who lives on a Greek Island with headstrong daughter Sophie. Sophie is about to get married and wants to find out who her Dad is! Donna has always refused to talk about him but after finding one of her Mum’s old diaries, Sophie realises it could be one of THREE men… who she proceeds to invite to her wedding behind her Mum’s back! She hopes she will find out which one it is. Cue lots of comedy and emotion as we are taken on their journey to the wedding day!

The show was a real fiesta all the way through which crescendo-ed up to the finale where by this time, the whole audience were up on it’s feet dancing and singing along. There was so much energy and fun up on the stage, it was fantastic!

My daughter loved it, every time I glanced over at her she was smiling and enjoying every moment. The odd little quip from the script was adult in nature but it went over her head and she didn’t notice!

One of my favourite scenes has to be when Tanya sings ‘Does Your Mother Know?’… this had me is fits of laughter and the person who plays her (Mazz Murray) was absolutely brilliant!

MAMMA MIA!  London Cast 2016/2017Mazz Murray as Tanya and Filippo Coffano as Pepper!

The whole cast of the current Mamma Mia! is relatively new, they’ve only been in the show around six weeks so they are still settling into the roles but they were all fantastic, each and every one of them.

Linzi Hateley was utterly brilliant as Donna. She’s absolutely perfect for the role… full of emotion and warmth. She played this part for two years once before, from 2007-2009 and has come back to reprise the role. Linzi apparently attended the same stage school as me (a long time ago now!) and our time there could’ve overlapped! She’s only a few years older than me so I might have even walked past her in the corridors… how funny! Ah how I wish I’d been a bit more ambitious and gone into musical theatre myself….

I loved the ‘Slipping through my fingers’ scene.. this always brings a tear to my eye during the film and watching it in the show was no different. I had to physically wipe away tears.. hoping no one noticed! It’s such a heartwrenching song… I always think of my own little girl and how I would feel on her wedding day. I know I would feel the same as Donna… I just wanted to give her (Donna) a hug at this point!

MAMMA MIA!  LondonLinzi Hateley and Sanne den Besten

There were a couple of songs and scenes in the show that weren’t in the film, my daughter picked up on this straight away but it was quite a nice surprise, to see something a little different. ‘Thank you for the music’ is an old favourite of mine so it was wonderful to see this being performed.

I must also admit to having a sneaky crush on Sam (Richard Trinder).

richard trinder mamma mia

He was very charismatic in the show and would easily do as a replacement for the gorgeous Pierce Brosnan 😉

My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed Mamma Mia and if you’re thinking of going to see a show in London, make this beautiful, heartwarming show your first choice. You will NOT be disappointed!

mamma mia london cast

You can book tickets via the Mamma Mia website.


  1. I love Mamma Mia, it’s my 2nd favourite theatre show. My first has to be Ghost, it was amazing! x

  2. We actually prefer the musical over the film version! Sounds like you both enjoyed the experience of the Mamma Mia! Musical 🙂 xx

  3. I am a sucker for musical theatre and so need to watch this. Like you, love ABBA, their music and have watched the film a zillion times!

  4. I love musicals but not sure Mamma Mia appeals to me. Sounds like fun though

  5. those pics are amazing! I didn’t really like the movie but the musical sounds like a lot more interesting, I loved musicals 😀 x

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