Lottery Dreaming

So this week it’s the Mega Week with the EuroMillions.

10 GUARANTEED millionaires as well as the usual jackpots.

I’m not religious about doing the lottery as I know I’ll never win, but weeks like this I do believe I’ll have more of a chance!

I don’t know about you but I LOVE secretly dreaming about winning the lottery and could literally drift off into another, luxurious world for hours imagining a lavish life of constant holidays and being surrounded by the most beautiful things.

I love nothing more than deciding what I would buy first. How wonderful to be faced with such a difficult decision 😉 ….. what WOULD I buy first??!!

After having a little conversation with my work colleagues this week, it seems I’m not the only one that likes to dream about this!

Do you?

I have two scenarios in this dream. One where I’m incredibly greedy and my winnings are so BIG there is literally no limit as to what I can spend! This means I have to win the EuroMillions. Especially when it’s rolled over a number of times and the jackpot is somewhere in the region of 55 million (as it has been recently!).

Yes, that’ll do nicely thank you!

After much deliberation, I can be sure my first purchase would be a brand new car! Probably a state of the art Range Rover or something like that. I need a 6/7 seater so my choices are limited. Because of this, I may buy two cars. One for when I’m with all the kids, and a little sports car for when I’m just with one, or when I’m alone! I would also buy a nice new car for the OH (whatever he wants) and something special for Teen! I would LOVE to treat Teen to the car of his dreams, even though it probably wouldn’t be a good idea as he hasn’t passed his test yet (having lessons) and therefore wouldn’t be the safest option for a newly qualified driver but…. just to see his overjoyed, ecstatic little face!

In fact, I imagine keeping my lottery win a secret initially so as to ‘surprise’ my loved ones with gifts! How exciting would that be?!

Next, I would organise to have the renovation of our house completed. I would like to see it all finished, even if we were to buy another, which of course we would, but maybe not straight away. This one is very close to my daughter’s school and she has already told me she wouldn’t move schools, even if we could send her the best school in the Country! Bless her!

However, I WOULD move my twins to a new, private school. There are one or two prestigious, independent schools not far from us that I would love to have them educated at!

Shopping on a massive scale would be taking place continually during this time I have to add.

I imagine being able to treat my family and close friends. This makes me the happiest, knowing that I could really make a big difference to their lives. But it’s more than just helping them out, it’s about them being able to enjoy my win too because if I’m going to start living a millionaires lifestyle, I want my friends to live it too otherwise what’s the point? Yes I could pay for everything, but making them rich too means they feel as though they’ve won too and we can all be rich together 🙂

Ahh….. just thinking about the choices having this much money would bring! How utterly fairy tale like…… We could have anything we wanted…..

I also have the daydream whereby I win only a limited about of money… say £500,000 or one Million. I have to be a little more restrained with this one because actually, even though either of those two figures is a life changing amount, living close to London, it wouldn’t go THAT far, especially if I wanted to buy a house! This requires a lot more careful planning, which is still wonderful, but simply paying off the mortgage and staying put in our current home would be the best option! Thus leaving some for new cars and that all important spending!

But seriously. It would just be great to not have to think about whether we can afford something. To be able to have a good holiday every year and to replace things when we need to, rather than having to make do! It would be nice to eat out more often as a family (it’s an expensive affair when there’s six of you!) and have more days out!

This week I have purchased tickets for Tuesday’s EuroMillions Draw and Friday’s too.

I haven’t checked Tuesdays yet. This is another little thing I do to keep my dream alive. I don’t like to check my tickets straight away because that way, in my mind, I could still be a winner and that means I can carry on with my oh so good daydreams of how I will spend my winnings! The moment I check them and know I haven’t won, it’s a real come down and I feel rather deflated.

So, I could be a winner right now! I could be a millionaire as we speak!

I have my ticket from Tuesday here…..

lottery ticket euromillions

I won’t be checking tonight’s ticket either. For a while!

I have to say that I haven’t won a single thing for years on the Lottery. Not even a measly tenner! It baffles me how the jackpot can roll over for weeks and weeks too, meaning out of all the millions of people who bought tickets, not a single one could match the six numbers! Crazy!

But anyway, I’ll be keeping everything crossed for tonight, and if you’ve bought a ticket, I wish you the very best of luck!

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