Keeping All The Kids Amused Over The Bank Holiday

Having a Teen, a girl and 3yr old twins can bring it’s difficulties when it comes to planning things to do as a family. My children don’t like the same things now. The three younger ones are still happy to do activities together although because my Twins are a bit awkward and shy my Girl can sometimes miss out on certain things. And my Teen definitely doesn’t want to do the same things as his younger siblings. This weekend was no exception. Normally we give our Teen a bit of freedom to maybe meet up with friends – planned, so we know exactly who he is with and where he would be going – but this weekend Teen was grounded. He’d been in a spot of trouble at school these last few weeks so we decided he would not be having his freedom, as punishment.

So what to do with them all weekend? We hadn’t planned much as Saturday was spent pretty much taxiing my daughter around. She had dancing, then we did some shopping, then she had a party, then she had to be collected from party. During this time I’d given my Teen some workbooks to do and revision to get on with. He’s just completing year 9 which means he will be dealing with key stage 3 sats after the half term, not that he seems remotely bothered which is infuriating to say the least. He is bright so he does ok at school without much effort but he fails to see how brilliantly he could do if he really put his mind to it. But I guess that’s teenage boys for you. He says he has it all under control… I doubt that so there he was, left studying on a glorious Saturday afternoon while his friends went to the funfair! Is that a bit harsh? Teen repeatedly told me how unfair it was, to which I reminded him how unfair it was for me to get a phone call from the school last week informing me of his behaviour!

On Sunday we decided to go to aforementioned funfair all together. Teen wanted to stay at home, alone, probably to play Xbox which he is obsessed with, or watch movies, but this wasn’t going to happen either as we insisted he come along for a fun ‘family’ day out. Of course, being a Teen and going to the local funfair with your parents is NOT cool but again, punishment was the order of the day! Not only that, it’s nice for us all to be together and after his initial horror at being seen with us he actually enjoyed himself. He is still a child after all and being with his younger siblings wasn’t so bad. He went on some of the smaller rides and the funhouse with his little sister, took the Twins on the dodgems with OH (even though they weren’t overly keen – he wasn’t sympathetic of them being three years old and he should’ve been a little easier on the ramming of other cars) – he played some of the stalls to win them all prizes and I even went on a couple of the bigger rides with him so he didn’t miss out there….I’m braver than Dad hehe! It was a lovely day and even though he probably wouldn’t admit it, I know he enjoyed himself.

It’s sometimes necessary to force family time these days as Teen, naturally, wants to spend his time with the girlfriend or his mates but on this occasion I feel pleased that we’d all done something together. It was a different story a few weeks back when we had a family day to the zoo. Again, it seemed walking around with parents looking at animals at 14 years of age is just embarrassing! Teen moaned the whole time; said it was boring and repeatedly asked why did he have to be there!!! Hehe – the joys!

TV time isn’t something they can all do together either. My Girl likes Nickelodeon..loves iCarly and Victorious, although she’s pretty easy, the Twins prefer CBeebies or Nick Junior with a bit of Cartoon Network thrown in if Ben 10 is on! My Teen likes the Movie channels, but of course the sort of films he likes won’t be suitable for the younger ones. He could watch them upstairs, which he sometimes does but he prefers the Xbox anyway – at least he can interact with his buddies on there, if you can call shouting and screaming whilst killing zombies on Call of Duty interacting!!! Saying that though, all of my darling offspring DO compromise sometimes and all four of them will snuggle up on the sofa occasionally and watch something neutral, which is sweet.

Monday was a garden day. My Girl and the Twins will play for hours together; the trampoline gets tons of use, even Teen will join in! The OH played outside with them most of the day too, then pottered about with Teen sorting out their bikes…. doing various jobs – then the two of them went out for a bike ride before Teen went back to some revision (reluctantly).

It’s funny how it’s literally only in the past year and a half that I have really noticed the gap widening hugely between my Teen and the other three. It seems like one day he was a boy, still wanting to do the usual family things and the next, well, he’s almost a man – he’s tall too which makes him look even older! It’s not easy trying to work round them all now but I think it’s extremely important to do things together as a whole family!

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  1. I have to say I think you handle your teen brilliantly. It is so hard having kids of all different ages but I am sure the family funfair day really helped them pull together as siblings. Thank you so much for linking to PoCoLo xx

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Thank you! It definitely gets more challenging as they get older. I know it’s a cliche but it’s so true. But they also become lots and lots of fun x

  2. I never really thought about the age gap and how kids get along with each other. My brother is 10 years older than me so I was used to him doing his own thing, we never had to clash. I remember my cousins/friends clashing all the time. I thought you handled it really well. Catching up on my PoCoLo reading x

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Hi there sorry I’m only just replying now… Thanks for reading through PoCoLo… Yes it is awkward with very different age ranges but i think with teenagers one has to tread very carefully!! All those hormones and what not!!! It IS fun though…. Even though it feels like I’m being pulled in many different directions all the time!! Xx

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