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I’m obsessed with my iPhone. I’ve constantly got it in my hand looking through it and can never put it down. In fact, it annoys me how much I faff about with it but it’s a habit I just can’t break. A love affair almost!

I still have my first iPhone. Well, actually it’s my second, a replacement for the first which my twins used to chew when they were teething! I know. Yuk. But their dribble ruined the part where it charges so it had to be replaced. Must’ve been around 2009/10.

I loved it. I remember how amazing I thought it was back then to get my very first iPhone, they were so completely different and innovative. Just the ease of use, the touch screen, the internet at my fingertips, the apps, the games.. everything about it was amazing! It was super cool and above all else I loved the shape, those gorgeous curved corners. In fact, I was disappointed by the newer versions that returned to the ordinary square shape.

first iPhoneMy first iPhone

Not sure why I still have it to be honest. I remember keeping it initially because I thought the kids might use it as an iPod but they never did. Now it seems to just be around to remind me how fab the first iPhones looked.

At the moment my current iPhone is the 5C. I always seem to upgrade my iphone just before the new model comes out which is frustrating. Getting tied in to another two year contract meaning I have to wait ages before I can get my hands on the newest version. But actually, I haven’t usually been that bothered, so happy have I been with my phones I haven’t really hankered after the newer ones as soon as they came out.

Until now.

Until the iPhone 6.

I want one. The big one. The iPhone 6plus.

A few weeks ago I was invited to an event with Three Mobile for the purpose of trying out the newest iPhones…. the 6 and the 6 Plus, as well as a new fitness App that has been developed for use with ios 8. It was fantastic to know I was going to get the chance to have a proper play around with the new phones!

Myself and a handful of other bloggers were going to be trying out the fitness App, named Zova – Rhythm Based Fitness … LITERALLY…. at the famous Pineapple Studio’s in Covent Garden. I’d danced there as a teenager so I was beyond excited to be going back, albeit it as an unfit Mum of 4!

pineapple studiosIt was exciting to be back!

iPhones are the most incredibly easy to navigate phones ever, as I’m sure everyone on planet Earth already knows! So seeing what Apple comes up with next in their newer versions is always exciting.

The new iPhone 6 is bigger than it’s predecessor, the iPhone 5s, and Apple has updated nearly all of its internal components, resulting in one of the most powerful handsets currently on market. The corners are back to their curvier selves (not as curvy as the original though I might add), it’s thinner, lighter and the camera is tons better, especially the front facing one! We all know the current 5’s were lacking in this department! I’m obviously not a tech geek but from what I’ve read, the iPhone 6 is sleeker, faster and far superior. The 6 Plus is the same, but bigger still, with a 5.5″ display!

iphone 6 plusThe very slick iPhone6 Plus

So back to Pineapple and the App, Zova. I’ve lost count of the amounts of times I’ve joined gym’s and given up. Bought workout DVD’s and got bored of them within weeks. Or started running only to give up after a few outings! I’m always on the look out for inspiration that might inspire me to actually get fit, as well as enjoying it!

Zova looks like it might be just that.

Zova workouts “combine custom made music with exercise science to achieve better results” and “integrates with Apple Health so you can accurately track and review your workout progress”.

zova app

What I loved about Zova was that if you were doing it at home, it would be like doing an actual fitness class with an instructor and music! In our class that we did at Pineapple, we did have an instructor to guide us through the moves, but it was the App’s ‘instructor’ that talks over the music and tells you what to do. She shouts out the moves, counts you in and encourages you! It’s pretty amazing!

IMG_4165.JPGBeing put through our paces

Developed for women, there are different levels and different workouts. You can select which part of the body you want to workout, for how long, your ability status and so on. The possibilities are endless. We completed a couple of sets which lasted just under an hour and included some cardio and yoga type moves.

We had been given a very thorough workout indeed and were all suitably exhausted!

I couldn’t move for days…. I obviously overdid it but this is definitely something I’m going to continue at home.

After the workout, the lovely people at Three invited us out for a meal to health restaurant Wild Food Cafe to replenish those muscles and feed our tummies! It was great to catch up with fellow bloggers at the event, Ruth from RocknrollerbabyLilinha from Lilinhaangel and Zaz from Mamandmore, as well as meeting the very lovely Corey from Learning Patience.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay long as I had my daughter with me as we’d been at another event earlier in the day across town. I needed to get her home and she was hungry…. she wasn’t up for the mega healthy offerings of this establishment but the food did look and taste yummy, the bit that I tried anyway!

wild food cafe

iphone6 with ThreeCorey and Lilinha here on the right here, with the lovely PR ladies that organised the event on the left!

I had a great time at the iPhone6 with Three event and after perusing Three’s website I’ve noticed that they are doing some amazing deals on the iPhone6 and 6 Plus. I’m currently with o2 for my 5c and to upgrade to the 6 I would be paying considerably more than I’d like to really for a phone. But Three seem to be offering some very good packages.

Maybe it’s time for a change…….


  1. What a clever idea that workout app is! I love the idea of doing a class in your own home – might even persuade me into lycra!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! I’ve always been a HTC / Samsung girl myself 🙂

  3. I’m using a rather battered iPhone 4 and I’m trying to work out what to upgrade too – a newer iPhone or take a leap and get an android.

  4. i did try the iphones and have been with three but being in a rural area its not a great mix

  5. I love my iPhone! I came into the modern era after lots of nokias, with the iPhone4 🙂 I’ve just upgraded to 6, and my son is now able to upgrade my old 4, to my old 5! I’m an Apple girl all the way! x

  6. I’m still on an iPhone4 I really need to try and upgrade it soon the iPhone6 looks amazing.

  7. I have to admit, I love my iPhone 5 so much but really want an iPhone 6 plus too! I am off to look at their deals now…

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      They definitely seem the be the best deals I’ve seen anyway! In fact I might get my Teen a new iphone now that the price is so good!

  8. Sounds like a great event. Love the sound of the workout app x

  9. Mummy was a HUGE Apple fan – on her third Iphone (5) she wanted the 6+ SO much, but at the moment is very fed up with her iPhone and all its glitches. She’s now thinking of a Samsung x

  10. londonbirdlucy says

    What a great event to attend, looks so much fun. I remember my first iPhone, its was a totally love affair indeed. I was the same I couldn’t stop playing with it.
    These smart phones are incredible I need Zova, I have just started jogging and doing exercise at home makes sense. Thank you

  11. Looks like a great day! I adore my 6+, you won’t regret it when you upgrade!

  12. I’m forever buying DVDs attempting them a few times and getting bored. The app sounds really useful x

  13. this sounds fab .. i must say i am hankering after the iPhone 6+ too!

  14. I love the iphone 6 but I went for the smaller one as the plus was too big

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Hmm yes that’s the only thing, you need the 6plus for at home and the smaller one for taking out!

  15. aww what a fun event im due a upgrade been wondering what to get?

  16. I am currently lusting after an iphone 6 too. I want to make sure that my new phone has ace photograph qualities!

  17. I love my iPhone too…they’ve come such a long way, I just wish they’d sort out the battery life. Looks like a fun event at Pineapple too!

  18. oooh what a clever idea for an app

  19. I have never had an iphone before but I have heard lots of great things about the iphone 6 and that app sounds great! x

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