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When we think about life insurance, it’s usually about OUR lives. In case the unthinkable happens to US and we can’t work to pay the mortgage, rent and bills.

But what if the unthinkable happens to one of our children? I know it’s almost too difficult to even contemplate, but what if it did?

What if THEY are suddenly (God forbid) struck down with a rare illness that needs round the clock care?

Who is going to provide that care?

Chances are, YOU will be the one who wants to be there for your child in these most agonising circumstances.

You will want AND need to be a tower of strength for your child and do all you can for them. What you DON’T want is to be riddled with worry about how you can possibly do that when you need to work to pay the bills. Even if your partner is still working full time, you still might not be able to makes ends meet and then what do you do?

This is a real, frightening situation that many families have found themselves in and it’s precisely this reason why Insure with Max was founded, to at least help with your financial worries so you can concentrate on giving the care your child needs and deserves.

Insure with Max

For as little as 95p per week (depending on family size and salary and subject to a minimum £49.50 premium), Insure With Max will bring you peace of mind, enabling you to get on with the important task of caring for your precious child.

Child Max, as the policy is known, will reimburse your take home salary for 12 months while you’re on unpaid leave. It’s also flexible to suit your needs. If you want to continue to work part time, the insurers will pay the shortfall between your take home salary and your new lower salary.

It’s very simple…

Insure With Max ChildMax

Child Max is the brainchild of Max, an insurance man by trade whose own half sister passed away when she was 12 years old from a very rare illness. Max saw how financially difficult it was for his Dad and Step-mum, on top of the devastation of their child being poorly. His Dad asked him to come up with a form of insurance because when they wanted to be with their daughter and not have to think about anything else, they had to think about finances. 

I know this isn’t easy to think about, but if the worst was to happen, if you have Child Max, you will have one less thing to worry about.

If you want to know more, take a little look at the video below which explains…

We will be holding a Twitter Chat this Friday at 11.15am-12pm where we’ll be talking all things #ChildMax.. we’d love for you to join us and hear your thoughts on this. There’ll be prizes too so don’t miss out!


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