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When we bought our current house we viewed it as a ‘project’. Not in the sense that it’s an old dilapidated ruin that needs complete renovation, we could’ve got away with a huge decoration facelift but that’s not what we had planned for it.

DSCF1821Two little Builders

We bought the house out of area, not far but far enough that I’d have to drive every day on the school run and what I thought would ONLY be a 10 – 15 minute car journey, and it is but it has actually turned out to be the most annoying thing ever.

I hate driving to school. I think I may have mentioned this before but I would love to live nearer and be able to walk there. I won’t move schools though, no way, my daughter is very happy there and it’s a very good school. It’s just a pain in the arse especially when I need to do the half day school run too for the nursery, feels like I’m constantly in the car sometimes…. and in my big beast of a car the petrol guzzling is a killer on the purse strings!!

But needs must.

The reason we bought this house was that it had tons of potential. The houses in the area near our school are lovely but expensive, paying for the area, but we wanted our money to go further. We could’ve afforded one – but a much smaller one than this and at the time of searching, having just jumped from two children to four we needed to seriously consider SPACE.

Not only that, my OH is in the building trade and there was no way on earth he would ever want to buy a house that was remotely ‘done up’. A lot of the houses in the ‘nice’ area have already been extended and renovated to a high standard, which defeats the object for him. The ones that haven’t were either too small to begin with, not enough outdoor space to extend or simply too expensive!. OH has always wanted to buy something he can add value to, it makes sense for us too do it this way and this time round we wanted something more than just a cosmetic challenge, we needed to do something BIG.

So we found this house. A great price, already four bedrooms, detached with a huge garden and plenty of scope without compromising any of the space outside.

Our extension started this summer.

home extension

It’s took a while to get to this point. It’s a huge extension, double storey across the whole length of the house at the back, as well as adding another storey theoretically by converting the loft space to create a huge master bedroom with ensuite. The original back of the house will be completely knocked down to make way for lots more space inside. Keeping four bedrooms on the first floor but making them extra large with added extras like walk in wardrobes and one or two with en-suites we concluded was a better idea than going for more, smaller bedrooms that we don’t need.


My Teen helping out…..

The original plans were rejected as we were going to build on the side too but we dropped that idea. The second set of plans were rejected too (something to do with the roof) but my OH worked around this to get the same plans passed – even though we could only extend 3 metres out at the back this was fine as the house is much wider than it is in depth.

It’s by no means a job that will be started and finished in a few months. It’s a massive, expensive project that will move forward as and when funds are available. No borrowing will be taking place for this!!!!

It’s really just a stepping stone for us at this point. We have no desire to stay here, even though the area is fine. Once the house is finished we will live here for a while then look to move on. Onwards and upwards!

home extension

I’m sure it will become extremely disruptive at some point very soon and not an easy job to undertake whilst we are all still living here but it’s exciting, the kids are loving it all and fingers crossed it will be worth it in the end…. eventually!

home extension




  1. Wow, that is a big extension! It’ll be worth it, though, with all of that extra space – just ignore the disruption?!

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      Yes, just thinking of the end result!! We’ve lived in it messy for a while so im sure we’ll manage!!! Although come back in a few months and I may have a different view lol

  2. wow how exciting!! i would love to do the same to our current house! i hope all goes well and i cant wait to hear more!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  3. Wowzers what a story Carolynne, it’s going to be AMAZING when it’s finished. Looks like the teen is enjoying himself with that digger – it must be really exciting for the kids. A huge job but how wonderful to have a husband in the building trade. Can’t wait to see more! Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  4. Wow, how exciting. It will be fab when its done

  5. A great project and I look forward to seeing it complete

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