Gellish Nails

I love my nails to look nice but however hard I try, they don’t grow very long. They just aren’t strong enough.

I’ve tried the whole nail strengtheners etc and they do work a little, for a while, but I get fed up with applying it every day. I also fiddle with my nails (an annoyingly bad habit) and once one breaks and I have to file it down, I lose interest.

A couple of years ago I had the acrylic nails applied. They looked fabulous! French manicure, ever so pretty. I returned religiously to my salon to have them re-done every three weeks or so for almost a year. But then I fell out of love with the whole process.

I hated what was being done to my natural nails.

If you’ve ever had the acrylic tips put on, you’ll know what I mean. The vigorous filing and scraping, the snipping and pulling…. it hurts. My poor nails were like tissue paper underneath it all and I decided I wanted a break from it.

It took a while to get my own nails back to normal. My finger tips felt bruised as my nails were so soft, therefore not protecting me at all. Everything I touched hurt my finger tips. It was awful.

But gradually my nails grew back and I was happy to leave them be.

When I paint my nails myself at home, however much I try to do them properly, i.e base coat, two coats of colour plus top coat…. realistically, with all that being a busy Mum of 4 entails, the colour chips after a day or two and my nails look a mess. This really bugs me. What a waste of time and effort!

So I decided this Spring to go back to salon nails. But not the acrylic tips, oh no – staying away from those, this time I wanted to stay as natural as possible and so decided to have the gel colour.

gel nailsGorgeous Springtime colour

Having Gel nail varnish applied is much the same as painting your nails yourself, but having them done by a professional is a real treat. The nail technicians prepared my nails, primped and primed them, then applied a base coat. But instead of waiting for it to dry naturally, your hand goes into a UV dryer. A bit like a sunbed for hands, but without the tanning! Then a couple of coats of colour are applied, again each time going under the lamp before being topped off with a shiny top coat and oil!

Lovely Jubbly!

The great thing about gel is that it’s super strong. I felt I could’ve put my nails through hell and they still wouldn’t have chipped. I kept this initial colour on for three weeks before going back to the salon. By this time the growth margin was quite big and even though the colour and my nails were superbly intact, I needed to have either an infill, which means applying colour to the part of my nail that had grown, or I could have the colour soaked off and some new polish applied.

I was bored with the peach by then and wanted a new colour. So this time I went for a vibrant pink!

gel nailsMy nails were slightly longer this time round, as the initial gel helped them to stay strong to allow growth!

Of course, once nails are longer, they are more susceptible to breaking, especially if you’re cleaning! I chipped one of mine this time whilst hoovering the bathroom and caught it in the weaves of the washing basket! Aargh – I was so upset! Ha! It was ok though, I just had to file it down slightly.

With that in mind, when I returned to the salon this week, I decided to have my nails cut down. You can strengthen nails further if you want them to grow very long, by having a thin coat of acrylic applied before the Gel process. I didn’t want to do this though and besides, long nails aren’t very practical!

gel nailsI went for a mint green yesterday! 

There are squillions of shades to choose from, all gorgeous. I’m actually enjoying choosing a colour to surprise my daughter – she loves looking at them and gets excited to see what I’ve chosen!

It IS a treat having my nails done. A luxury even. But this salon is extremely reasonable and I can justify it because I don’t go out much, I don’t drink and I work…. so a girl has a right to treat herself sometimes doesn’t she? 😉

My daughter is into nails at the moment! She has some of those fake plastic nail wheels that she paints with all my nail varnishes… hours of fun!

My daughter’s creations! 

She found a shade similar to the mint green I’m wearing now and asked me to paint hers the same…..

nailsMatching Mum and daughter nails! 

I’m loving my nails at the moment… not sure how long I’ll keep on having them done though. I know I’ll probably get bored at some point (maybe once I’ve tried every single shade!) and will then let my nails return to their normal state to breathe.

But for now… I’m enjoying them far too much 🙂


  1. aww loving your nails lovely, i used to have acrylics and they killed my nails too .. now i have bio gel nails so much better x

  2. oh i have tried gelish before and i love how hard it leaves your nails feeling

  3. your nails are gorgeous. I am getting my nails done in a few weeks for my holiday eeekk cant wait

  4. I found this post so interesting because I don’t really have nails and have often wondered what this would be like. Food for thought – thank you! Yours look terrific

  5. I have never had my nails done but had heard the damage that can happen from acrylics. I play the piano and long nails are not an option!

  6. I struggle with growing my nails too – gelish looks a good way of dealing with that problem.

  7. Luckily my nails grow quite well so I’ve never had the need for acrylics but ouch they sound horrid, gel nails must be the way to go.

  8. I LOVE gel nails and am a huge fan as like you my nails are very weak and snap at the slightest knock. I’ve been doing it for a few months now and every now and then take a week or two off so my nails get to breathe although I am told it’s not necessary.

    I also love going in to choose my next colour as there are so many to choose from.

  9. I have naturally very strong and very long nails but I rarely paint them as polish comes off in no time with housework. I need this for special occasions!

  10. Acrylics are a mare – it took a good year for my nails to go back to normal after having them for several months. I have weak nails which really winds me up. Had a gel manicure last year and loved it!

  11. I am a huge fan of Gellish nails, so much more so than proper varnish x

  12. i have tried gellish nails done them myself and i can see and feel the difference it lasts oso much longer with more shine for starters

  13. I have never tried gelish before. I think I would hate being tied to the salon

  14. I want to get this done now, it looks perfect for a busy mum!

  15. I would love to get my nails done regaularly but its not something i can justify at the moment

  16. I would only have this done on a special occasion or if I was a kept woman with no housework as I am not very good at looking after special nails

  17. I think your nails look lovely!

  18. I love the idea of having my nails done in a salon – these look gorgeous and love the colours you’ve chosen.

  19. Oh gosh I’m not a fan of acrylic either – bad experience. Gel nails do look awesome though and your nails look fabulous lovely! I bought some gel nail varnish recently and amazingly they looked great for 2 weeks. Didn’t realise that would happen otherwise I maybe shouldn’t gone with blue LOL!

  20. Ickle Pickle says

    I have naturally strong, long nails, but no time to paint them! Love the mint green! Kaz x

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