Easter with a difference at Hotel Chocolat – A Review

I haven’t been aware of Hotel Chocolat for that long, a few years maybe since a store opened up in our local shopping centre, but they’ve quickly become a firm favourite with just about everyone!

I think this is because of the innovate nature of the brand. I know being different and experimenting with flavours in choclate isn’t new, but it IS new to the masses. Before Hotel Chocolate, this was probably confined to the exclusive chocolatiers or posh department stores. But now it’s all on our doorstep, which is pretty darn good!

We love nipping into our local store and buying little treats, and their Easter treats are utterly amazing!

The Egglet Extra Thick Easter Egg Hotel Chocolat

This gorgeous Egglet (above) looks so luxurious and indulgent doesn’t it? The egg is extra thick chocolate with these beautiful mini eggs inside which are filled with praline and other meltingly soft centres.

Milk Chocolate Eggs & Soldiers hotel chocolat

Or how about this ‘Eggs and Soldiers’ creation…. I love what they’ve done here, so funny and different!

Chirp Egg

This ‘daffodil’ inspired egg with the Easter chicks and bunnies is brilliant.

Choc Cross Buns

As is this Hot Choc Buns set…. how delicious do these chocolates look?

Anyway, I could go on and on, they have so MANY wonderful creations, you can see for yourself by looking on the Hotel Chocolat website – they are amazing!

We were lucky enough to be sent something seasonal to review. I was given a choice and chose the Caramel Milk Chocolate Egg Sandwich as I thought this would go down quite well with my young children.

When the box arrived I was surprised to see it wrapped up so beautifully. A gorgeous black and white box with a gorgeous gift bag inside…. felt like I was opening something very special!

hotel chocolate easter

Very stylish packaging!

My Girl had been pestering me non stop to open it so in the end I let her open it when we had her friend round to stay.

Egg Sandwich Hotel Chocolat

I have to say I was surprised by how small the Egg was when we took off all the packaging, although it’s better that way so the children can eat it all at once without having to go back to it later, which of course they never want to leave it for later!

Once opened, the ‘Egg Sandwich’ came in two halves. I gave one half to the girls and the other to my twins, without first devouring a bit myself of course!

Hotel Chocolate Easter

The whole Egg Sandwich concept was a novelty. It was rather intriguing and fun to see what it was going to feel and taste like!

The chocolat was delicious and the crispy caramel gave it an extra sweet twist.

Suffice to say the Egg Sandwich didn't last very long at all!

Suffice to say the Egg Sandwich didn’t last very long at all!

I am off to the Hotel Chocolate store right now to purchase a special Easter treat for each of my children…. hope I get something nice too 🙂

I was sent the chocolate Easter Egg Sandwich for free, in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Happy Easter. All that chocolate does indeed look very yummy. It’s nice to see something different instead of just the same old hollow eggs.

    • Mummy Endeavours says

      They have such lovely Easter bits. There’s so much of the same everywhere it’s nice to find something unusual for a special treat 🙂

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