Disney on Ice – The Magic Ice Festival

Last Friday evening we were lucky enough to bag some very special tickets for the newest offering of Disney on Ice fabulousness at Wembley Arena!

We go to every new show that comes out but since the film ‘Frozen’ infiltrated our lives in a mahoosive way (we love it. Who doesn’t?), we have been waiting patiently for the show that included a ‘Frozen’ section. We knew that would be totally amazing but both shows last year didn’t include it! Boo!

Finally though, our wait was over when this Spring, Disney on Ice have finally given us what we have all waiting for!

Disney on Ice Frozen‘The Magic Ice Festival’ spectacular promised to be amazing.

I, for one, couldn’t wait. My three children couldn’t wait…. and even though we love Disney on Ice, regardless of which films and characters are featured (we love them all), it was going to be very special indeed watching this one.

Our tickets could NOT have been better either. Front row and the opportunity to go onto the ice during the performance for my children if they wanted to!

We were bursting at the seams with excitement when we sat down and couldn’t wait for the show to start!

disney on ice

As with all the shows I’ve seen, the comperes are some of the oldest Disney favourites in the shape of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck! After their introductory number the first section was The Little Mermaid. This is a shared favourite Disney film of my daughter and I. We have watched it squillions of times and never tire of the songs. The ice lends itself brilliantly to the underwater world and the luminous lighting provided a magical setting.

I have to point out that the main character in this part, Ariel, was totally amazing! I mean, the skating is always brilliant but she took it to the next level. Whizzing around the ice at speed, so elegant but yet so strong – even showing her incredible acrobatic skills!

disney on ice

Next up it was Tangled, the story of Rapunzel. This is a relatively new film and one we watch regularly at home. (I have a thing for Flynn Rider, the male character in the movie. He’s lovely isn’t he? Ha) We haven’t seen Tangled performed on the ice before so this was a treat!

disney on iceIt was during this section that my children were asked if they wanted to have a ride on the ice in a cart! How exciting?! My twins are notoriously shy and much to my dismay, they declined but my daughter jumped at the chance! A few other children joined her, who were competition winners, and off they went!

disney on ice cart rideThe cart was pushed around all over the ice while the dancers skated all around. The children became part of the show and felt very special… my daughter even had a chat with Donald Duck, as you can see here! It was fabulous for her and a moment she will never forget!

disney on ice

Just before the interval we had a Beauty and the Beast extravaganza! Again, one of our favourites. The ‘Be Our Guest’ number was amazing, a real show stopper and the transformation of the beast to the Prince was ever so magical! My daughter loved that bit!

disney on iceInterval time and the perfect excuse to have an ice cream!

The excitement was starting to build in the arena as ‘Frozen’ type props looked like they were being placed around the ice. I would liken the frenzy to being at a major pop concert when you’re waiting for your idol to come out… there was a real buzz about the whole, huge auditorium. And when the first hint of ‘Frozen’ music came through, there was hysteria in Wembley Arena! It gave me goose bumps actually!

My children could NOT contain themselves!

disney on ice

disney onice

It was fantastic. I looked around the arena as the famous songs from the film played…. the utter joy and delight on peoples faces! Almost everyone was singing along…. there was a little girl sitting directly behind us who was shouting the words out at the top of her voice bless her!

One by one the adored characters stepped onto the ice, each one bringing about rapturous cheer and applause.

It was truly awesome!

disney on iceMy boys were captivated

disney onice

disney on ice

I cannot tell you in enough words how much we all enjoyed this! The show was incredible from start to finish – by far their best one to date! In our opinion of course! But then everyone is different and if you have boys, maybe they’d miss the sections from previous shows that they might be more familiar with like Cars or Toy Story! This show was all about the Princesses. Every section was just perfect for us… The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel and of course… the spectacular Frozen! What more could we ask for?


We were sent complimentary tickets to Disney on Ice in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Frozen on ice sounds irresistible! I’m not surprised you got goose bumps 🙂

  2. aww wow it looks amazing and clearly you all had a fantastic time x

  3. Disney seem to put on the most amazing shows! They never do things by half and always make things magical. x

  4. I wish we had made it to Disney on Ice! I was due to see it with my parents many,many years ago but we were in a bus accident so missed it. I must look in to taking my youngest two, they would love it!

  5. oh wow that looks amazing. Is this a touring show? Any chance of it landing in Brighton?

  6. This looks and sounds absolutely amazing, my nieces would love it x

  7. I’ve taken my daughter a couple of times to Disney on Ice and I’m always amazed how they manage to skate so well with those costumes on!

  8. Wow this looks amazing! I’d love to take my boy to something like this! xx

  9. Cass@FrugalFamily says

    I love Disney on Ice although my two are a bit old now unfortunately x

  10. oooh bless

    it looks a very wonderful and magical experience

  11. We went to see High School Musical on ice a few years ago – my daughter adored it! Not quite my personal cup of tea, but Disney really do bring the magic on ice!

  12. Oh my goodness this looks absolutely amazing – my daughter in particular would be in heaven watching this!

  13. This looks like such a magical day out! I am definitely going to have to look at taking my little boy now as it looks amazing! x

  14. WOW, you had amazing seats!! Eliza would have loved to go on the ice!!

  15. Oh wow, looks like you had an amazing time. My boys loved this when they were younger

  16. Looks like so much fun! I’m pretty sure my son would love it!

  17. oh this looks amazing! .. i would utterly love to see this!

  18. I’m so cross with myself for not taking the kids to see this – they would have loved it. Next year when they are bigger

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