Christmas Scooter Outing

I wanted to link up with Coombe Mill Country Kids this week but being as the linky is about outdoor fun I didn’t have much to share. We haven’t really been out at all, been enjoying Christmas inside where it’s warm.

But we did venture out once. Briefly. So I shall share that.

You see, my twins received a scooter each from Father Christmas, the most amazing limited editionĀ Micro Scooters, they are gorgeous; pastel blue board and handles, with dark blue bars. I’d seen them on the internet literally a few days before Christmas and knew my boys would love them.

We didn’t get to take them out on the big day itself, far too much going on, and we didn’t get out the next day either – pyjama day (got to be done in the school holidays!).

So the following day we made sure we gave the scooters an outing, and get some fresh air ourselves – albeit in the dark! *Coughs*……. well it IS difficult getting out when there’s only a few hours of daylight you know!

Just before dinner we wrapped up and set off on the scooters. My daughter has one of the Micro Scooters too, one of the bigger Maxi ones, although she didn’t get it for Christmas, she already had hers, so she brought that and came along too.

My Girl and her Maxi Micro Scooter

My Girl and her Maxi Micro Scooter

It was cold and very windy but the kids braved it, in fact they don’t notice it really… kids are very resilient to weather conditions aren’t they?!

We just rode round some of the streets near our home. There was actually something a teeny bit unusual and magical about going out in the dark to play as it’s not something we normally do, it felt like more of an adventure. It wasn’t pitch black, just going dark, the street lamps were on, as were all the Christmas lights on the houses which all looked very enchanting.

Trying to get the hang of their new scooters

Trying to get the hang of it … we ventured over to a new apartment area with lovely winding paths to give us an even ground! How snazzy are these scooters?

One of my twins, O, couldn’t quite get the hang of the scooter so as the other two whizzed off he was getting left behind a little and becoming frustrated. Micro scooters don’t steer in the normal way, you have to push the handle bars down to the left or right to turn the wheels, but however hard I tried to explain he just wanted to turn the handlebars as you would on a bike!

Trying hard to master the Micro Scooter

H seemed to know what to do….

I think in the end though, after a few frozen hands and fingers, O finally mastered it. The trick was to take it slow instead of trying to race off.

We stayed out as long as we could take the bracing wind, before heading back inside to the warm and cosy! I love that feeling!

I’m sure the scooters will become regular accompaniments to our outings in the coming months….. maybe I should get one myself šŸ˜‰

kids on micro scooters

We don’t let the cold and dark spoil our fun!


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. What lovely happy smiles they have playing on their new cool scooters! How fab to go out later in the day, with all the Christmas lights I’m sure it wasn’t that dark anyway. Great to hear you all had a fab christmas and thanks for linking up and good luck in 2014.

  2. Great that you managed to get out. Very cool scooters #countrykids

  3. adorable photo’s, Happy new year

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