Choosing the right car for Kids

Being a parent can be stressful at the best of times. You find yourself acting as a permanent taxi driver between school and ballet lessons, your car is now full of crisp and juice wrappers and you’ve also got to factor in the time it takes to wrestle with a baby seat. So is it time to say goodbye to your much-loved run around. In fact, choosing the right car for your kids doesn’t mean you have to wave goodbye to style and elegance, or even sex appeal. There are a range of vehicles on the market that offer practicality and sense at a price that won’t blow your budget out of the water.

You may have one child or be looking for something to use with your brood, don’t be daunted by the options available on the market. Choosing the right car for you, and the kids, need not cause you sleepless nights. Just be sure to take several factors into consideration before making your choice.

New versus Used

There might be nothing nicer than the smell of a brand new car, but do you realistically need to buy one when a used option will do? Even if you manage to get a great deal, consider how much of your monthly budget are you able to use on car loan repayments. Used cars, while a good option, should also be considered with care. Make sure you do your research online to find the best make and model for you. When going to look at your chosen vehicle, take time to go for a test drive and give the car a full inspection – you don’t want to miss any wear and tear that could cause future problems. You can take the risk out of buying used by visiting a dealership such as Mercedes Coldstream who approve the cars they offer in their range of used and new cars to help keep both you and the kids happy.

Running Costs

It might be the most beautiful car you’ve ever seen but how often will you need to keep filling up the tank? Running costs, such as fuel and part replacements can soon add up in larger models. Understand what journeys you need the car for, and be realistic about that you can expect your running costs to be.

Factor in the Family

Your little darlings are also your passengers, so taking their safety and comfort into consideration should be top of your list of priorities. Do you have space for that cumbersome child booster seat? Is the boot big enough for your weekly shop? Be practical and honest – after all this car is for your family, rather than just for you.

Before you start looking for a new car, identify what you need from the car. Your needs go beyond just needing transport. Consider comfort, safety and practicality to make sure that you buy a car that will take the kids into their teenage years.


  1. Choosing the right car is a minefield! We have four children so a seven seater was a must, but we ended up buying a used car a few years ago and have been paying for it ever since. We went for a new one this year after our original car died and I wouldn’t look back, I love that it has a warranty and I never feel worried about what will happen if something major went wrong!

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